All you need to know about Google Location Services

With the advancements in the recent mobile technologies, one of the most unique feature which the smart phones have built is, location awareness. The recent trending apps are also adding location awareness to the device to offer a better contextual experience. Even the APIs built on the Android Framework adds location awareness to all the apps.

One of the most evil facts about this location service is that Google is tracking your every location of your device and you may not even know it. The most scary and creepy fact about this service is when you set up the Android device for the first time, it just asks that whether you just want to enable your location or not. But surprisingly, Google saves your location in its location history.

Google uses the location history of its users as a valuable asset to this internet giant. Locations helps Google to customize the navigation, weather, traffic updates, news updates, etc. It helps enhancing your shopping experience. Many third party already tracks the location by picking these data for various purposes mostly for commercial ads.

However, the location is recorded in the Location history only when you have enabled your location services in your device. If you have disabled this service, it is very difficult to find your location on the map.

In last few years, the Latitude feature of Google was deeply criticized. This was considered as a high threat to the privacy of the people. This feature allowed the users to give out their details on their shared contacts. But later Google pointed out that users had to specifically choose to make their data available.

Now, Google has given us the option to opt out of the location history. You just need to go to Google Settings > Google Location Reporting and need to switch off the toggle button. Under the location history, you will also see the big button to delete the location history.

The one thing that we need to keep in mind is that Google is not doing anything automatically without our consent. We are too much accustomed to clicking through the disclaimer pages and agreeing to the location terms which are written in very fine prints.

But if privacy matter a lot, just turn off the location services on your device and better not use to use apps which allows to use the location of the device.


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