Useful Things you can do with Google Now

When it comes to Internet, Google is the prime thought of every individual. Awarded for its innovation, Google Now is simply called the best companion of a smart phone. Gradually, Google Now has proved to be a healthy competition for Siri from Apple and Cortana from Windows. However, not every user is aware about all striking and beneficial features of Google Now app.

Voice Commands

It seems very interesting to communicate with the phone. Google Now responds to more than 50 voice commands. The basic and the common commands are for basic navigation given by user includes Search, Call, Send SMS/Email, Set Alarm, etc. With such a smooth facility, still users find it difficult to work because Android must adapt to this bit of activity hence, helping to save time and giving some rest to the tiny fingers.


Google Now Cards are organized pieces of information that show up as per the schedule. Initially, there were only gmail cards, but now Google has introduced some specialized cards which are mainly for Nearby Attractions, Stocks, Nearby Events, Flights, News, Currency, Hotels, Appointments, Parking Locations, Sports, etc.


With Google Now, you can call the numbers saved in your contacts with the basic voice commands. Along with this feature, Google Now also realizes the relationship of the People saved in the contact list. Now about any relation with a person, if you want to call that person, just use the voice command and specify the relation.


With Google Now, you will never be required to carry a dictionary to a new place. Since Google Translate is with you now, you need not worry. Translation has become easier with this innovation and speaking a foreign language is not troublesome.

Now On Tap

Google Now On Tap has been introduced in the latest version of 6.0 Marshmellow. It came into limelight for its brilliant feature that searches within what is currently displayed when you tap and hold ‘Home’ at the bottom. The cards come up with suggestions and relevant information based on the content on the screen. Say, for instance, you received an Offer SMS from Domino’s Pizza. When you launch Now On Tap feature on the message screen, it will come up with cards suggesting Favorite Pizza (since the word ‘favorite’ was present in the SMS), Domino’s Pizza and so on.

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