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Apple has iTunes, Google has Play, but the thing this both these shall never twain. This fact is more relevant when it comes to sharing files and videos between the two platforms. Apple and Google are not only the two biggest competitors but also the biggest names in the Tech World. It was of no surprise earlier that you can’t watch videos and TV shows purchased from iTunes on your Android device and vise-versa.


To our surprise, it is now actually possible to play movie or TV show on your iOS device. No more jailbreaking or other hoop-jumping are required. Recently, Google has released Google Play Movies & TV in the iOS App Store. Now, any Apple user, whether he is using an iPhone or an iPad can stream any movie or TV show that has been bought from the Google Play Store.

Users who are loyal to the Apple ecosystem may not prefer this change. They may show a little interest to use Play Store over iTunes. However, it is a relevant update for those who have been switching back and forth between both the platforms.

Let’s see how we can access the movies on iOS devices:

Step 1: Install Youtube app on your iOS device have iOS version 6.0 or newer.

Step 2: Sign-In using your youtube/google/gmail account.

Step 3: Tap the menu button on the top-left corner to reveal the menu.

Step 4: Scroll down and tap on “Purchases”


Step 5: Here, you will see all the Google Play movies and TV shows. Select the one you want to watch!

Now, there are a few which we need to watch out about this app:

  • The downloaded video will be stored in the device storage only. It cannot be moved to any external storage.
  • The video streaming and downloading does not require a high speed 3G. This App is only available through a WiFi connection only. With this feature, users can easily view the downloaded media anytime, anywhere without getting connected to Internet.
  • The purchased movies cannot be downloaded in most of the PCs. Only Chromebook gives the access to watch the videos offline.

After having discussed all the positive points of the App, now comes the bad news. There is no opposite arrangement. There is no possible way to view iTunes purchased items on your Google device. But it’s always good to know that there is another outlet from where we can buy the movies and videos. Moreover, Google provides more number of offers and freebies. For example, free pilot episode of a large variety of TV series like “True Blood”, “Vampire Diaries”, ”Game of Thrones”, etc.

Even if you don’t own an Android smart phone, you can watch all the videos and movies on your iPhone. Not too shabby!


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