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Havells water heaters were designed to make things achieving comfort. A sense of desire which every human being wants and the level of relaxation which an individual likes to make his life to a more braces standard. These water heaters are made to fulfill you purpose, to give you the edge that improves your way of living.

What is new in Havells water heaters?

The new make called as “neo water heater” is a best design which Havells have made so far. This water heater comes in white color and can store up to three liters of water which can somehow help you in small daily usage. Especially in winters, According to an ordinary usage, these heaters takes about three kilowatt energy and charge three liters of water which can help you wash your face, hands and utensils too. For a change who wants to wake up boil the water and then heat it plus wait for it get normal and then use it. It is wastage of time. It is more preferable for students which can help you save time and energy. These water heaters come in other attractive colors too and the capacity is enough for middle budgeted flats. Enough water capacity to exercise the daily usage for kitchens and small offices or small apartments too.


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Havells water heaters are made of pure steel, more closely it has super cool sheets that are about two millimeter thick. The best thing is that they last for longer time. They are anti corrosive and due to effective sheet spreading water stay warm for longer. These heaters have great tank measures. The inner side of tank is made by stainless steel that can help stop rusting. It has the maximum score to adjust to the surrounding and people find it helpful as water remains heated for a long period of time. Well if you don’t have rust or erosion inside your tank then it requires no wash every season. You can use it for a longer period of time and the performance never changes. Havells on the other hand provides two years of warranty that makes it more reliable and yes creating value among customers and gaining the trust or value that every company requires. This heater can last long and it will be effective for long process.


Though this is new in Indian market but a very positive response was seen as per survey. People do like the products that are trendier and exploit their real values. Affordability when coincide with quality gives us the view which every desired person wants.  These water heaters had been able to catch large number of audience and a lot of export has been done inner cities and yes to the northern parts of India. The demands have reached the higher level which is a good sign for havells. The companies CEO state it as their company’s best product and they will try their best to make most effective products for customers.

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