Here’s how to get free Wi-Fi anywhere


As a matter of fact, today, due to frequent rise in price of essential commodities we should get Wi-Fi free of cost, because this is also a basic right of the human being. Now Wi-Fi is made available by Govt. at many places like Airports, Railway Station etc, also many big restaurants and coffee shops also make it available for their valued customers. Today we will discuss about the free Wi-Fi, and how to get it where you go.

The first tip to improve the Wi-Fi connection on your android device is to go for the scanner. From there you can know the availability of Wi-Fi connection and about it’s security. For this search you should go to settings>Wi-Fi on your phone which will tell you the position.

Pay attention at the mall

In most of the Malls, as a promotional item, the Wi-Fi connection is made available for their visitors. You should keep your eyes peeled for that because such a kind of thing is always provided there free of cost.

Swing by a hotel

This will be a little naughty thing if I suggest you to follow this tip. As you know that front desk staff of a Hotel never whether you are staying or not in their hotel. So when you go to them and ask for the Wi-Fi, very happily they will give the slip and the pass word. After that what you have to do you know it.

Hit the library

Most of the libraries are also having Free Wi-Fi connections for their members. You can very easily pick up the Wi-Fi connection free of cost for some time if you are nearby location also. although you may not get it for a long time but whatever you get will be a free gift of Wi-Fi. There is also a possibility that in the library premises they write the password of Wi-Fi which will be easy for you.

Use your friends

The other source of getting free Wi-Fi is friend’s connection, who may allow you to use his Wi-Fi connection for a limited time on your request. But that purely depend on the terms of your friendship and how close you are to him.

Check your cable subscription

Some cable network providers also offer free Wi-Fi along with their cable services. You should check with them while dealing for the subscription with them.

Give and take

This  is the last suggestion for free Wi-Fi. You can negotiate with some of your friend who is already having the connection to use it in partnership. However you can pay him according to your usage and the terms of payment fixed with mutual understanding. This will be a temporary arrangement till you get your own Wi-Fi connection. I think it is always better to get own connection instead of sucking up other people’s connection. Because that practice cannot be continued for a long time and ultimately a day will come when you would like to have the Wi-Fi around the clock and without any obligation.

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