How Can You Enable Whatsapp Web On Your Iphone?


whatsapp web

It is rather more than a year networking technology has developed an advance and fastest way of messaging from one place to other. This developed feature is called Whasapp. Which is now has become very common within a small period of one year. But still most of the people do not know about Whatsapp. Thus they are not using this superfast messaging service on their phones. Today we shall let you know as to how the Whatsapp. Web can be installed on your phone and how can you make the maximum use of the same.

First of all this question may rise in your mind that, what is the actual purpose of Whatsapp.

The answer is that this web was launched about one year back for the purpose of making the conversation more handy and easy on the desktop notebooks, Android and window phones, and also on the tablets which is becoming popular very fast in today’s time. We are interested in guiding you hereby as to how can you enable Whatsapp on your phone. We shall tell the whole procedure of installing Whatsapp on your phone step by step.

Step 1

First thing you have to do is to jailbreak your phone device before proceeding further.

What is the Jail Break?

This is the process of removing the hardware restrictions on the iOS, Nearly all the operating technology and system in Apple devices, are working under the hardware restrictions like iPad, iPod second generation and iPhones etc.

Step 2

After jail breaking your device is ready to accept cydia and able to search Whatsapp. Web enabler

Step 3

The moment you get Whatsap, Enabler, install it immediately, you do not have to pay any cost.

Step 4

After the installation of Whatsapp.enabler, open the setting option> scroll down, you will get whatsapp. Enabler preferances> then enable the tweak

Step 5

After that, close down the Whatsapp. And reopen that

Step 6

After reopening you have to open setting, and then open whatsapp, enabler and click ok


Open a Browser on your phone then open the link given in browser.

It is very important to remember that you have to use browser such as Opera, Firefox. Do not make use of Safari Browser because it will not support for the respective procedures.

Step 8

Then you would see that a page will open which will be like this.

Step 9

Last stage is to scan the QR code which will appear on site. After a few seconds you would be signed automatically and able to use the Whatsapp on your iPhone. The same procedure you have to follow for Android phones and window phones.

Now you can enjoy the Whatsapp application on phone. You can send not only the text messages but also photographs, documents, videos and any other conversation which you want to share with your friends, relatives, and beloved. There is one thing more that this service is globally introduced therefore you can share your things anywhere in the world. But the opposite party should also have the Whatsapp enabled on his phone.




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