How the iPhone changed the world 7 years

On 29 June 2014, one of the favorite Smartphone worldwide, Apple’s iPhone has celebrated her 7th birthday. Here’s what was important happened in those seven years, during which Apple has changed the history of the IT world around us.


June 29, 2007 /.  Apple’s revolutionary iPhone Released

For users of the Smartphone worldwide iPhone adventure began on 29 June 2007. It was Friday, the day when Apple’s iPhone could finally buy. One user is then able to buy only two copies!


September 10, 2007 /. Sold a million copies of iPhone

Only 74 days after it went on sale, Apple recorded millionth copy sold.


November 1, 2007.  Time proclaims iPhone “the best invention of the year”

The new iPhone is singled out by its design, operating system and feel that provides while using wrote Time, but is most singled out because of the overall impact of which is carried on mobile phones.


June 9, 2008.  Apple introduces the iPhone 3G

In 21 countries around the world arrived in the iPhone 3G, twice as fast as of his predecessor.


July 11, 2008 /  iPhone 3G released in sales, began to work the App Store

Simultaneously with the release of a new iPhone in sales, Apple is “open” and its online store with applications. After the opening of the tender were about 500 applications ready for download.


July 14, 2008 / sold one million iPhone 3G devices, recorded 10 million downloads of applications

Apple has achieved excellent results this year as the first week sales of the new iPhone noted million units sold. In addition, the App Store has proven to be an excellent idea because the number of downloaded applications grew larger.


September 9, 2008 / App Store recorded 100 million downloads of applications

In just two months of operation the App Store globally recorded 100 million downloads of applications, offering at the time some three thousand applications.


November 6, 2008 / Here come the first prize

By winning the first of the, as it turned out a number of JD Power & Associates Award, recognized as the iPhone is the Smartphone that offers users a premium experience.


March 17, 2009 / Apple introduces the iPhone OS 3.0 Beta

What new additions brought with it OS 3.0, including options such as “cut” and “paste”, stereo Bluetooth…


April 24, 2009 / App Store keeps track billion downloaded apps

After nine months of being taken a billionth consecutive applications. It was the Bump application that has taken thirteen year old Connor Malkahej from the US. As a reward he got iTunes voucher worth $ 10,000.


June 9, 2009 / Apple introduces the new iPhone 3GS

Durable battery, faster networks and better quality cameras with him made the iPhone 3G. Only during the first weekend record one million copies sold.


November 4, 2009 / App Store has 100,000 applications

Not only did he offer 100,000 applications, but the App Store became available in 77 countries.


June 7, 2010 / Apple introduces iPhone 4

Featured iPhone 4 Brings FaceTime and retina display, as well as many other innovations.


June 28, 2010 / Sold 1.7milijuna copies of the iPhone 4

Just three days after he was released, Apple has managed to sell 1.7 million copies of its new Smartphone. It is the largest ever sale of Apple’s device in such a short time period.


July 7, 2011 / App Store recorded new record

With the App Store has been downloaded 15 million applications, but Apple is also said that the worldwide collected more than 200 million iOS users.


July 8, 2011 / iPhone traveled into space

The first iPhone that went into space was the one who was “loaded” on the NASA space shuttle Atlantis, as part of the equipment of astronauts.


October 4, 2011 / Apple introduces the iPhone 4S, iOS 5, iCloud and Siri.

The new iPhone 4S with the tag brought a hundred new additions with the Notification Center, iCloud and intelligent, witty IT assistant named Siri.


October 17, 2011 / In preordered million copies of iPhone 4s

And in just 24 hours! The first weekend was recorded 4 million phones sold, which is the iPhone 4S became the fastest-selling iPhone ever.


January 13, 2012 / Cinema ready, here comes Apple

After numerous negotiations and requires phone users in China, the iPhone 4S is coming to China. But besides this big move, the iPhone came on the market 21 other countries.


March 5, 2012 / Chinese recorded the first record iPhone

That fifth of March with App Store it’s taken twenty five billionth app. It was the application Where’s My Water, which has taken the Chinese Čunli FU. And he got iTunes gift card with $ 10,000.


April 24, 2012 / In the four months sold 35 million iPhones

Sales of the iPhone has increased by 88% compared to the previous year, and only in the second quarter of 2010, sold 35 million copies.


February 2, 2013 / With iTunes Store downloaded 25 billion songs

Maybe the name of “Monkey Drums” (Goksel Vancin Remix) does not mean anything, but it was twenty five billionth song downloaded from the iTunes Store. He took her German Philip tapping, whose address was soon arrived iTunes gift card worth 10,000 euro’s.


June 10, 2013 / Featured iOS 7

Since the introduction of the first iPhone, iOS 7 brings major changes in Apple’s world of smart phones, with innovations such as the Control Center and multitasking with significant visual changes.


September 10, 2013 / Announced iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

Apple iPhone 5s is described as the most advanced Smartphone in the world, and the iPhone 5c as the most colored iPhone so far.


September 23, 2013 / Apple sold 9 million copies of iPhone 5s and 5c

Only three days record is down – sold 9 million new phone.


January 24, 2014 / iPhone recorded a birthday video for Mac

Apple has made no less than 70 hours of video iPhone 5s to edited video “01/24/14” which marked the 30th anniversary Mac.


June 2, 2014 / Apple introduced iOS 8 Beta

Announced in the fall of 2014, OS 8 should bring better organization of photos and the ability to convert voice into text messages, as well as many other innovations.


For the Year 2015 We will updated very soon 🙂 !!!

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