How To Become A Beauty Blogger And Get Paid

Before you search for how to become a beauty blogger and get paid, ask yourself a few questions. Are you a passionate beauty expert? Are you passionate about spreading the knowledge? And the final one, Are you passionate about writing? If your answers were all yes, then you are ready actually ready to start your journey. You can also read our full guide on how to start a blog in India

How to start a beauty blog and get paid

Here are the steps to be considered before starting your blog.

  • Is it full time or part-time
  • Is it for time pass or for money
  • How much can you wait for your first income through blogging
  • How good are you with English
  • The niche of your blog

How To Become A Beauty Blogger And Get Paid.

1. Explore your niche. There are many beauty-related topics that you can write about. Initially, it is advised to have general topics in order to attract a larger audience. Try to find unique topics which are not written yet or if that topic is already written then think if you can write better than that.

2. Start writing. Since you want to become a beauty blogger, you’ll have to concentrate on your writing. If you can’t write daily, make sure to write on at least 2 specific days a week. This will give your readers an idea about when to check your blog

3. Proper design. Make sure your website has the latest and proper design. It should be interactive and your readers should have a proper comments section as that is the place for them to interact. An interactive website is always better than a non-interactive website.


4. Check your hosting plans. You can check different hosting plans which are provided by various hosts. Check them on iPageIpage offers you the best plans with proper security and the best services. Even our website is running on Ipage, they offer you to host unlimited websites for just around 2$(100 Rs per month + free domain name), currently, I am running 5 websites in my iPage account so it just cost me 20 RS per website. I promise you can not find anything better than this. Hosting providers like Godaddy charge for every website in your account and their service is pathetic especially their Indian technology support is just crap.

Host your website with iPage!

5. Learn about advertising. Make sure you learn about affiliate programs and other advertising. If you are looking forward to having some really good income through your beauty blog, make sure you learn properly about affiliate marketing and certain other things like Google Adsense, Mgid, and Taboola.

A blog needs readers and the best way to promote your blog is by joining various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be active on such platforms and promote your content daily. Commenting on other blogs will help you in redirecting readers to your beauty blog. How to become a beauty blogger and get paid for it is not a difficult job if you follow the above-mentioned steps.

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