How To Fix The Apple Watch Update Or App Stuck While Installation?


There is no doubt about it that apple watch at present is one of the most advance and largely used watch, but sorry to say that still it has some draw back and problems. We will tell you what they are. It has been reported by some users that Apple Watch gets stuck up while installation and some time its screen got hanged. Today we will discuss about that problem in detail and try to find the way out of that.

First of all we have to find out that the real problem??

The problem may be of the wifi connection or it may be any other problem whether  wifi connection or may be something else here we would discuss the possible problems and possible


How To Fix Apple Watch If It Got Stuck While Installing App?

Now here we will talk about Apple Watch getting stuck while installation, and how can you fix it. But there may not be necessarily one reason for that. Therefore you have find out the actual reason. We are giving below the possible reasons of stucking the watch and their off – hand solutions.


1-First you restart your apple watch just like you do for your iPhones for rebooting the device. Then you see if Rebooting is not making any change then you should go for the following steps.

  1. Turn On/Off Show App on Apple watch

First you try the trick of turnoff the watch and re start it.

If there is no result then you open Apple Watch App> My Watch>Toggle Off.  Now it will start working and reinstalling the app. You will have to wait for a few seconds.

After that Turn On The Option For Show App, On Apple Watch. But you should properly check if the app. Is successfully installed on the apple watch or not.

Hopefully this will help, if it doesn’t then Proceed Further.

  1. Data Connection.

You should check up the Network connection whether it is present or not. Network connection should be checked very thoroughly before proceeding further.

open Setting > Open General > Tap On Reset > Tap On Reset Network Setting And Confirm It.


How to Fix Apple Watch If It Got Stuck While Installing the Update?

If your apple watch stuck while installing the update. Don’t get upset I am going to tell you the possible reasons and their solutions.

The possible problems due to which your apple watch got stuck while updating the software are given under.

  • If Apple Watch stuck up do not take tension it may possible that your Apple watch may not in the range of your paired iPhone though which the installation is being done. So it is necessary to get it in the range first.
  • Secondly the watch should be charged more than say 50% and should also be connected to charger. This may one of the reasons of App. Watch Stuck
  • You should also check Wi-Fi connection or any other data connection before you start the update.

If it still does not work, then the last remedy is to reset the apple watch. That’s all.

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