How to gain followers on Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site which has been gaining lots of approval by large groups of people. Facebook has been revolutionized from just being a social site to a marketing platform. Lots of businesses and people are using Facebook to market their products or services. Though this will necessitates having lots of followers mainly for their businesses advertising still lots of individuals want to just have a vast number of followers. Some consider it a source of pride while others have personal reasons. Basically knowledge on how to gain followers on Facebook  has become very typical. The following includes tips to on how to gain followers on Facebook :


  1. Share interesting content

When you share interesting contents, this most definitely boast your number of Facebookfollower. This is mostly achieved by some of your followers sharing your content with others. As people describe how cool your postsare, you will definitelyget more followers. You should mostly share content rather than just sharing links.

  1. Promote in other social networking sites.

You should not just sit and expect your pageto get lots of followers, without you having to promote it. Consider promoting it on other social networking sites including the likes of twitter, Google + and also pinterest

  1. Engaging in Facebook ads

Facebook has an avenue where by you can advertise your page. Basically what you will need to do is,use your page and evaluate your goals, audience and then set daily budget and duration of advertisement. The cost for advertising will depend on a number of factors. This is mostly used by business and people promoting their services. It’s an effective measure; the US state department has particularly used $630 thousands on Facebook campaigns

  1. Share images and video


Most of the visitors on Facebook are after something interesting, continuously posting of text content will make lots of peopleassumes your post. If you post videos and images which are related to your page,people will easily understand what you are trying to share and is it is interesting, it may end up trending

  1. Always make sure, you maintain the followers you have no matter what

It will be hard for you to target more followers while you are losing you current followers. Some of the thing you can do that may make you loss followers include: posting lots of updates within a short time, posting uninteresting content and also sharing mundane detail of someone’s life.

  1. Stay active

You should always prove to your followers that you are active by posting interesting material frequently. Try and respond to any comments on your post; might be hard but definitely worth it.

  1. Add the Facebook like box on your website

Having a Facebook like box on your site is very advantageous in the sense that; it associates your site with the Facebook page, it helps your fan base grow organically; lots of your followers will have an interest in whatever you are going to post since they are funs of your website.

These are some of the top tips for you to use to increase your followers on Facebook.Hope the article helps you how to gain followers on Facebook.


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