How to get paid apps for free on Android


I do not know whether you are aware or not that Android apps are available free of cost. You don’t need go for pirates, because there are a lot of legal ways for getting paid apps on Andriod. Today we are going to discuss the same in this article.

Google Play free app of the week

Now Google has come up with one app which is available on Google Play Store, just open Google play you and you will find a free app banner, which you can access via its title and icon. This is the one free app which you can get from Google.


Amazon is the second source through which you can get a free app per day. But for that you have to login to Amazon website directly and not via Google. This is the second offer of Amazon, which can help you in getting free app every day. It is quite easy to get this app because you have to simply open Amazon store online and look for the app they are offering on that particular day, however you have to install that app online right from the website.

”Free app of the day” apps

This is the slogan of App Gratis, which offers a free app every day morning. You can visit to their site and see what app is offered on that day. There is one important point about App Gratis, that sometimes they may not update the app on the next day and you may find the same app. It is necessary to keep an eye on the offer before installing it.

Google Play surveys

Google is offering a survey scheme where you can earn one dollar per survey, but you are limited to only one a week. On the other side there is another app which is called Get Paid App Free, where you will get short video and see the apps available and select any one of them. Your earning against the survey will be cashed to buy any other app.

Discounted apps and sales

You have to keep regular watch of all the app stores including Amazon and App Gratis. Sometimes the discount offers are so healthy that the cost comes to almost free. But this kind of offer will always be for a limited time only. Remember that you have to get the app which is relevant to the location; otherwise you will see that play store is showing a lot of different version of that app.

There is one more app which is called app Sales. You will be notified when there is a sale scheme of the app, which is actually occasionally offered.

Google Play return policy

This is a beautiful offer of Google app stores. Suppose you have selected any app but you want to test it before your final decision to purchase it. You have to simply spend a few bucks on the spot but within 2 hours you should be able to check and test it if you do not find it worth, you take the advantage of Google’s return policy. This is very useful policy especially when you go for a Game app. If you find the game not matching to your taste you can easily return it.

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