How to Install android apps not available in my country?

Well we have seen mobiles roam from various parts of world to different regions and state. Mobile phones are now smart phones which require which requires access over applications. Who wants to miss out his or her favorite application? Developers of particular applications have the authority to maintain their limits for their made. They can have some restrictions over some devices and related to our topic some restrict or ban their applications in some countries. They have their private policy and it is upon them that where to issue their applications. With the change in trends it is possible to install applications of your choice and various ways to enrich your mobile application system.

incompatible applications

Possible reason:
The main reason which causes incompatibility or applications not being installed comes with android version being out dated or the version is not supporting that application. There are some banking facilities which don’t allow customers to access in every part of world. Reason which come up is that particular banks not having branches or specific head offices in that country.

(Installing applications that are incompatible or not working in your country is just because of your out dated android version or developers don’t allowing applications to run in country due to certain security risks. Using these methods can be illegal)

Downloading the APK files:
You can find the APK files or android package kit on internet easily. Installing APK files is not the big problem but downloading them from authentic source is the biggest question. You should download them from a source that helps you originate files that runs the applications that will run smoothly. APK files will eventually be in form of ZIP file which will eventually extract on your system or android version. First of all please see that if you have the right android version or at least your phone have that capacity to have that application install.
After installing the APK file on your computer transfer the data to your mobile. Install the APK file from any file explorer like ES or AJAX file explorer etc. once you are done with it. You can enjoy using application without even rooting your mobile.

Using payment options:
You have to make Google realize that you are not available in this country and this can only be done by paying for that particular application. This will help you install Google application easily and that account will make you access that application. You can download it to other devices as well. You can then keep on using this application.

Using VPN as a source:
Well VPN or virtual private network is one of the things that will make you location to alter. This means that your exact location will be somehow hided from Google and this way you will be able enjoy your application. This trick is effective and will help you run your android application easily.

updating android for applications

Updating your android version:
No hard and fast rule to explain here. If there is an update for your android version go for it. Download the latest application and make your life with applications you want to install.





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