How to install whatsapp on android tablet without root


Whatsapp is a very fast growing platform which is being used by nearly everybody in nearly every day use. This chat application is utilized on a free basis. This platform has creates an easy forum for people and their friends to chat, this is in regardless of the type of phone devices they are using. Though this is the case tablets don’t support this application. You have to break certain barriers for you to be in a position to effectively use the app. Installing whatsapp on a rooted device is much easier than installing it on an unrooted device. There are basically two ways through which you can access whatsapp on an unrooted android tablet. These are:

1. Using your phone number to receive the required activation code; this is only recommended when one plans to use whatsapp on the tablet only. When you use this method, it becomes impossible for you to use your smart phone with the same number.
2. Downloading textplus on your tablet. This application will generate a phone number for your android tablet. Through this you can receive your activation code.

Despite the method you may choose, you will have to download WhatsApp APK on your android device, you will easily find the files by just goggling the name; there are so many site providing this files. After you have downloaded it, you will have to enable your device to accept applications from unknown sources. This options enables you phone to be installed with applications which are not present in Google play. Go to setting –security –unknown sources.

After this, install the downloaded whatsapp on your device, after installation you will be in a position to see the whatsapp icon on the android screen. At this stage you have to select one of the above two methods. When using textplus on your tablet, you will be in a position to use whatsapp on both the tablet and also your smartphone, they will be separate accounts and they won’t be synced. After installing textplus, open apps and go to setting-contact info and then locate your textplus number.

Open your whatsapp application and a welcome screen page will be visible. Click on agree and continue. You will see a notice saying that tablets are not supported, just ignore it and select OK. You are now in the setup screen. All you will need to do is select the country you are located in and enter the phone number through which you can receive the code. You will either use a textplus number or your phone number. You should choose receive phone call if you are using a number not generated by textplus. When the calls you write down the number and enter it into the tablet. When using a textplus use receives text.

When you get the code, type it in and you are good to go

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