How to leave a group on whatsapp without anyone knowing


The group messaging feature has become a very normal thing especially when family, friends and colleagues want to keep in touch. Through these groups, members can share photos, music and files and also messages. At time frequent notifications from this group can become a nuisance. They are also a source of distraction especially when you want to do something and someone throws in a funny clip. You concentration while definitely get lost.

Most of these groups become necessary for one to leave them without notifying group members that you have left. Whatsapp has been designed in a manner whereby if you leave a group, the other group members will receive notification that you left the group. This mostly seems in appropriate and one will definitely feel guilty.

Lets us see some of the methods which we can implement so that neither we get too much disturbed by group’s notification nor the group member come to know that we have exited the group.

1. Disable  the group notification

This is one such method by which you will not get notified of group’s activity and other group member will not come to know. For disabling the notification, you have to go to Whatsapp setting and in notification screen, go to group notification and turn off the alerts. You can turn on the alerts whenever you want to get the notification.

Additionally you can also choose to mute the notification rather than not getting notified for bulk of messages. You can click on left side corner dots in a group and choose mute.

2. Deleting  bulk pictures and videos shared in Group

When you have joined a large WhatsApp group, lots of images , audio & videos are shared and you don’t want to waste your phone’s memory usage holding all of it.

For removing all such files from your phone, click on display group information and view the files.

It will show all the files shared in group ,click on the files and on selecting files, top header will ask for delete option, delete the unwanted files and click confirm message.

3.Using an additional app

You can install third party app – groupXit and leave a WhatsApp group without anyone knowing. But this app is useful only for Android users.

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