How to open executable file in android

Exe files known as executable files are those executions that are intended to work on MS-DOS or on windows and running on them. These exe files are extensions that are programs which run on your system. This particular files or extensions have special feature of running on computer programs. They can run through MS-DOS by giving commands or by double-click on windows.
Coming to the subject we can’t run all exe files on android but some older files or files that are required to run can get executed by installing application.

Using Dos box applications:
The dos files can get open by Dos emulator known as Dos box. Dos box specifically is not made to run exe files on your android but Dos box can help you execute your files on android. What this application does is that it makes the same interface as if in windows. There are certain steps to follow. There are three types of application known as dos box turbo, adosbox and ANdosbox you have to download one of the mentioned applications on your android device through Google play store. Then open the Dos box application and then type “cd \foldername” in the command line. This particular “foldername” written will show the executable files to be put in. if the exe file is in download folder then type “cd \download.” Then click enter on your device keyboard and then type the EXE files you want to read. Last of all click the enter button again.

The other way of running EXE files through Dos box:
These executable files will open in android but users or readers must know that these files can somehow help you open or run these files to a certain limit because the problem of interface or compatibility rises. Well the method is relatively the same as mentioned above. Install the application and then place the EXE file in the root folder and name it something convenient that you can easily remember. After that open your dos box application and then type the folder name you have named before in the command line and let it run. After running is complete you can have the exe files and you are in it and using it. The sensitivity of executable file depends on the compatibility. If it is compatible then you will be able to run the EXE files easily.

Using Inno setup extractor:
This is an application available on play store. It is more easy way to read your exe files. Simply download this application and then simply place the exe files on your android device but you must remember where you downloaded the file. Then read this exe files using this extractor. This will then help you run this executable files on your android device.


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