How to recover deleted messages from whatsapp

How to recover deleted messages from whatsapp

If you are searching how to recover deleted messages from Whatsapp,then you are at the right place.The deleted messages can be recovered.This is because messages are automatically backed up every day at 4.00 am and stored in the Whatsapp folder on your phone. This folder is either situated at the internal memory of your phone, or on the micro secure digital card (micro SD).
To retrieve the most recent data, you will have to uninstall the whatsapp application and reinstall it again. During the reinstallation process, you will be prompted to restore your previous messages. Select ‘Restore’ to recover the deleted messages.

There is a possibility that you are not prompted to restore your messages. This could be because of the following reasons:-

  1.  Your phone memory or the micro SD card is corrupted or,
  2.  Your message backup is excessively old. Old backups are not restored this way.
  3.  Your phone number is different from the one you used during the time of backing up your messages.

It is not an easy task to know how to recover deleted messages from whatsapp.Though it is a bit difficult but one can recover deleted messages from whatsapp if one take following into consideration:-

  •  It is a must that you use the same phone number, as the one you used during the process of backing up your messages.
  •  Any message history after a backup, which are deleted before the previous backup cannot be restored.
  •  After restoring your chat history, all current chats are lost. Although you can avoid this by creating a manual backup by going to: WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Chat Settings > Backup conversations. The backup file is saved in the /sdcard/Whatsapp/Databases folder as “msgstore.db.crypt7” or “msgstore.db.crypt8”. The folder could either be located in the internal memory of your phone or the external memory such as the SD card.

The backup files are only saved for seven days hence you only get 7 days worth of backed up chat history.

To recover messages from the backup, use the following guidelines,

1. Uninstall the Whatsapp application
2. Choose the backup you want to restore and install Whatsapp.
3. When prompted to restore, tap ‘Restore’.
You can also secure you messages for future recovery in case of anything by emailing yourself the desired conversations. This can be helpful whenever you want to be sure that the chat history will not be lost. To do this, use the following guidelines:

  • On the Whatsapp application, launch the conversation you would wish to email yourself.
  •  On the navigation bar, tap the contact’s or group’s name of the conversation you wish to email.
  •  Scroll up to the email conversation option and tap.
  •  You can opt to attach media or email the conversation without media.
  •  Key in your email address and then select send.This way, you can check your email address at any time to review your conversations in which they are secure. This comes in handy because the Whatsapp Company does not save conversations in their servers, but you can use your email provider’s servers to store the conversations.Thus if the above steps or precautions are taken one can protect self from loss of data and if accidentally deleted can recover whatsapp messages.


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