How to remove Facebook timeline with f.b. purity

Timeline as described as a way to “share the story of your life on a single page” according to Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook timeline are bond to increase in number over time, some of this post might very appropriate for them to continuously stay on your timeline. Deleting post is usually a tiresome activity since you will have to go through lots of post some which are best suited to stay on your timeline while others require that you delete them. Purity is a browser extension which lets you clean and customize facebook.It usually hides things which you don’t what to see. These extensions give you lots of newsfeed filtering options.Let us see how to remove Facebook timeline with f.b.purity.


Purity is compatible with lots of web browsers including: Firefox Mozilla, Internet explorer, safari. Basically you will have to install purity app in your browser. The procedure for doing this include

  1. Install F.B purity browser extension.It usually ads a function for disabling Facebook timeline on your browser.
  2. After installing F.B purity,you will see an FBP link which will be at the top of the page, which will be next to the search box, when you visit a page the likes of a fan page. Next to it you will see a green TL button. Click on the green TL icon which is on your browser.F.B purity will disable timeline for you
  3. Visit any page’s timeline and you will see pages displayed in a single column layout format. This is similar to the old style fan pages
  4. If at any time you wish to view a timeline page again in the 2 column layout,click the Tl icon which has a red cross through it.It is at the top right of your browser windows. The timelines will be restored
  5. Then click the share button below. This is to share this page with all your friends.By this way they also be able to use this solution to disable timeline in their browser, this is to enable them use this solution to disable timelines in their browsers. This enables them to see all timeline pages in the old style format.


You should though note that there is no way to completely remove timelines from your Facebook account. The only solution is to re-style it so that it will display in your own browser. The purity F.b is a browser based solution. If though you would like your friend to be in a position to view timelines pages in only a single column layout too, encouraging them to use F.B Purity is a viable option. Ability to view all timeline pages in an easier to read and less confusing single column layout format.

This extension is continuously being update to include latest features which will enable effective functionality. This extension is being made more compatible to include more browsers.Thus the readers can know how to remove Facebook timeline with f.b.purity.Hope the post is helpful.


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