How to run Apple apps on android?

We want the access, a way to fulfill our needs and our desires, well who doesn’t want that? We purchase a thing and want all the functions we want. We want the best one, a way to satisfy us. Well today’s article is somehow on fulfilling your desires. One of them is to run iphone application on android smart phones. We have discuss emulators in the past a best way to get access to files. Way to connect devices with one another to achieve the desire result. Well we should find another way to figure it out.

A way CIDER:

Yes you can play games or help yourself using iphone applications on your android smart phone. Well many people desire for an apple phone but due to high price many are unable to purchase them. They are unable to pay the heavy securities which apple mobiles put them into. They want to use apple applications on their android phones. Though android market known as the Google store has given alternatives but having that pure relationship or the desire experience is somehow missing. You can make this dream real by using this wonderful application known as Cider who is a way to use apple applications on your own android smart phones. The researchers or developers later explained “We don’t have to worry so much about coding languages used to write the software because we simply run the binaries from iOS. They further said Blending the two OSes happens through a custom Android app we call the “Cider Press.” This is a standard Android app that receives events such as input, accelerometer, or app lifecycle start/stop notifications, and forwards those to the iOS app. We also convince the iOS app that the standard Android application window given to the Cider Press…is its device screen. This gives the iOS app Android facilities such as screen shots and recent app list entries for free.

Cycada the new cider:

This application was installed and practiced on nexus 7 and it worked without any technical issues but they did have some lags. The application wasn’t smooth enough to run. Engineers from university of Columbia are finding a way to make this application run smoothly. A way to achieve reality comes true.

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