How to run IOS apps on android

IOS apps are usually written in Objective-C, while android apps are written in Java. The respective devices have been designed in a manner that they only use apps which are written with a particular language.IOS have lots of fascinating apps same as android. Though this is the case the desire to use IOS apps on Androids is always there. This particularly comes about due to the expensive nature of IOS device as compared to the Android device. Different groups of people have been working to create a bridge to enable sharing and use of IOS apps on android. The ability to use this app while basically depends on the method which has been used to bridge these differences. The following includes some of the means used to bridge the differences in coding of the apps.This will let you how to run IOS apps on android.

  1. Use of Cider


Cider can be defined as a mobile OS compatibility architecture which enables one to run IOS applications on any android device. This platform was developed by student during 2012.Currenty this platform is being used as a bridge between IOS and android devices, though this bridge is in the sense that only IOS app can be used on android but vice versa is impossible. Cider not only supports sharing of application but also the diverse games being used in IOS devices. When you have cider, you don’t have to worry about codinglanguage and writing software since the software can simply run the binaries from IOS. Thisusually happens through a custom app usuallyreferred to as ciderpress. It receives events in the form of inputs and forward it to IOS convinces IOS app that the standard android application window gives is its device screen. This will give the IOS app android facilities the likes of screenshots and recent app list entries for free. You can use cider by downloading it.It is available on a number of sites. Though it has bridged the gap between android and IOS devices, it does not support GPS, Bluetooth and location services.

  1. Use of Cycada


Cycada is an operating system compatibility architecture that usuallyruns application which has been designed for different mobile ecosystems. This includes IOS or Android. Itusually enhances the domestic operating system device with kernel-managed, per-thread personas. This enables it to mimic the application binary interface of the foreign operating system. This enables it to run on foreign binaries. This has been accomplished by a novel combination of binary compatibility techniques, they are code adaptation and diplomatic function.compile time adaption will enable existing unmodified foreign source code to be reused in the domestic kernel. This reduces implementation effort required to support multiple binary interface which is necessary for execution of application to use domestic libraries while accessing proprietary software and hardware interfaces. By downloading Cycada you will be in a position to use IOS apps on your Android device

These are some of the known method used to run IOS apps on android platform.



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