How to Semi Jailbreak iOS 8.2 Public Version


The official public version of iOS 8.2 is out and therefore its semi jailbreak. Even though the ios 8.2 hasn’t been accurately met with a good jailbreak still there is a technique for installing cydia on your iOS 8.2 and doing jailbreak. This isn’t a difficult method in fact it is very easy process because it doesn’t need any jailbreak. You may also label this method as a one-click or one-tab jailbreak. So let us start with the tutorial without wasting much time, so for installing cydia on ios8.2, you will need to follow some steps but remember it’s a semi jailbreak which means it isn’t a permanent mode. You will need to wait for some better technique to come up plus this isn’t for ios 8.2 beta 2 version. This is only for the official public version which apple released a few days back. You may also read more about Untethered or Semitethered jailbreak for having a clear picture.


Steps to follow-

Firstly ensure that your iOS iphone is updated and having a latest version.

Step 1 –

Go to home screen, open safari.jailbreak ios 8.2

Step 2

On Safari Browser, just Go to

Step 3

Open the site and tab on “jailbreak now”.

Step 4

Once you tab on the “jailbreak now”, you will notice that the installation as well as the jailbreak process has started, so let it get completed. It will also start to install a profile for jailbreak but let it get install because it’s necessary.

Step 5

After that during the installation process it will redirect you to some new screen, which is where you will be asked to install a profile. For installing Semi Jailbreak for iOS 8.2, just tap install. After hitting the install button, it will redirect you to another screen giving you some kind of warning. Done worry you just have to tab once again and then you are finally done with it. Now you will see the installed semi jailbreak profile as well as app, Tab on Done.

Step 6

Go to home screen, search for new icon and you will see “Semi JB”. Tab to open it.

Step 7

Finally to download as well as install cydia on your iOS 8.2. Open Semi JB app, tab on install cydia, however you may also open ssh to install it. That is it, now you have semi-tethered ios 8.2 jailbreak.

You have learned to download and install it, but also you must know how to remove Semi-tethered iOS 8.2. So in order to remove the Semi-tethered iOS 8.2 you will have to go to your Settings option then General then Profiles, just remove the installed semi jailbreak.

So by now I hope you must understood every method step by step on how to install semi-tethered jailbreak ios 8.2 that too very easily. Also how to remove it from you iphone, but do not forget that this just a temporary way out and this isn’t a proper approach to install a cydia. We did it for getting our job done.

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