How to Set Up Multiple Twitter Accounts On Your Phone


There is an interesting news for iPhone users’ hat now Twitter has released an update to their mobile users for maintaining two Twitter accounts on their device at a time. This is definitely a big development for those who are managing Twitter account and business accounts from their mobile. Earlier it was like a challenge of managing 2 Twitter accounts simultaneously, but now that challenge has a successful way of managing it comfortably

The update is composed in a brilliant way that Twitter will allow to switch back and open the second account. While using composing tweets you will get a visual reminder saying that which account you are using currently. However to set the second account you will have to go to your iPhone settings. That will help you to follow the Twitter update correctly.   .

Remember one thing, before adding your additional Twitter account to your device its necessary that the account or accounts must exist on the Twitter. Today we will discuss about how to add existing Twitter account to your device.

Please note that each Twitter profile must have a unique email address and a unique telephone number for verification. In fact many spam account on Twitter have forced it to implement this rule so that after the verification only the genuine account may be added.

So as I told you, before starting the process please check that your accounts are already existing on Twitter and you have unique email addresses and phone number for them. After ensuring it follow the below instructions:

Go to, but you should sign out if you are already logging on that in some other account. That way you will be able to start a brand new profile. Do not forget your username and pass word of your existing account because you will need them quickly.

After creating additional accounts come to the next step.

iOS Twitter Setup

Open the setting, then scroll down search for Twitter, tap on the Add Account. Then you should enter username and password. If everything is done correctly you will see that a new account will be listed. If you want to add multiple accounts on Twitter, follow the below instructions:

Open your Twitter app, enter into settings and confirm all your accounts. You can also customize the notification of each account.

After that you tap on Tweet icon, a new tweet compose window will open, then you should tap on your profile icon to switch between the accounts. Suppose you have already started writing do not worry that text is going to remain as it is. Now the process is over, you can use multiple Tweeter accounts whenever you want to.

This setting is rather tricky and time consuming. But once you have set up the Tweeter multiple accounts on device you should not find it difficult to operate individually. Remember to see all your accounts, for that you will have to tap the button next to gear icon, then you will get your entire accounts list, which will allow you to choose the account and view the Tweets.

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