How To Start A Blog In India For Free

Blogging has seen a great jump in the recent few years. Almost every other person wants to start a blog. It surely seems to be the easiest way to earn money from home. While that is somewhat true. But, many of us don’t even know how to start a blog in India for free.

Things are very different for Indian bloggers as compared to the bloggers outside India. The competition in India makes it easy for anyone to start a blog, but at the same time it make your survival quite difficult. In the cluster of too many blogging sites, you should never feel lost. Rather be determined and go through some research work and proceed with caution.

Here are the steps to be considered before starting your blog.

  • Is it full time or part time
  • Is it for time pass or for money
  • How much can you wait for your first income through blogging
  • How good are you with English
  • Niche of your blog

After considering all the above point, you are ready to start your new blog.

How to start a blog in India for free

1. Find yourself a good blogging platform: You may search for various blogging platforms and can go for the one that provides you the maximum output with minimum efforts.

2. Bloggers:

How to start a blog in India for free

Image Source: is the most preferred choice for starting up a free blog in India. It provides you good options of customizations and it also helps you to showcase your talent properly. The best part about Bloggers is that it is free and you can start with your blogs with minutes. Although you need to have a basic knowledge of HTML if in case you want to modify your blog a bit more.

3. WordPress:

How to start a blog in India for free

Image Source: is the new hype in the blogging world. Every other website is based on WordPress these daysThe best part about WordPress is that it is free and you don’t need to know HTML. WordPress largely works on plugins and you can use plugins for almost anything.

Although websites like Bloggers and WordPress are really popular these days in the blogging world, but having your own domain should always be your first preference. There are many websites offering different plans for domain hosting. You can check them here. 

How to start a blog in India for free

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We consider iPage best simply because it provides 24/7 service and extra features at low cost.

1. No income sharing: You don’t have to share your income that you generate from features like adsense. Everything that you earn online will go directly in your pocket.

2. No lengthy URLs: If you go for a personal domain, you don’t have to deal with the extra lengthy URLs. In case of WordPress, your URL would be So, check out the basic plans of personal domains on iPage as they provide you free domain registration too.

3. No spams: with proper security, you can protect your personal domain from spammers. Whereas in case of free platforms like WordPress and Bloggers, you have to deal with spammers. Or you may try the free special security suite offered by iPage.

4. SEO Advantage: With personal domain, you get an advantage of SEO over the free platforms. Free platforms are not open to full SEO customizations according to your preference. That is why it is always advised to go for a personal domain.

We hope you got the answer to your question,‘How to start a blog in India for free.’

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