How To Start a Blog In India For Free that Generated 21 Lakh for Me

How to start a blog in india

Are you looking to start your blog in India for Free or Paid? Hi, I am Tarun, in this guide, I will show you how to start a blog in India in just a few steps, I will also share my secret how I make a good amount of money every month from blogging. This is the most visited article in India on how to start a blog and I update this article every month.

It’s a little long article but I promise it’s worth it and this article might change your life. To this date around 1000+ people have registered their first blog after reading this article. Blogging helped me to quit my high-paying full-time job and helped me to live my life the way I always wanted. Make sure you read the article till the end and don’t forget to leave comments.

When I started blogging a few years back, I struggled a lot on how to start my blog, I have gathered information from here and there in pieces but In this guide, I have written everything all together. I can guarantee you that blogging is the easiest way to earn money from home. But, the problem is many of us don’t even know how to start a blog for free or Paid. Before start, I am going to share my story about blogging or if you are not interested in my story click here to skip to the main content.

About Me

I was a senior software developer at WellFargo (One of the largest banks in the world), for almost 10 years I worked as a software developer, Even the salary was so good but the job doesn’t give you freedom, I always wanted to be my own boss. So I started blogging part-time and after 9 months I was able to make more than my salary. Today I am going to tell you exactly what I did and going to cover A to Z steps, I will cover up everything including how you can earn your first dollar.

Blogging Gives you Passive Income

What is passive income?

Passive income is any money earned in a manner that does not require too much effort. Here is a good passive income example, you constructed a house and give it for rent. You can expect payment every month without much work and effort. but blogging is even better than that because a house requires a huge investment but blogging cost you just pennies and can give you a considerably better return.

I have tried many ways to make money online, for example, Freelancing, Amazon Selling but I prefer blogging over these as blogging give you passive income, let’s say you work for a company or do freelancing and you work for one month you will get one month salary if you stop working you will not get any money but in blogging, you will get money for years even if you work for few months initially.

Rough Idea how much a Blogger can Earn

Just search on google India’s top blogger and you will get to know how much they earn. They make between 5 lakh to 50 lakh per month but I am not asking you to follow those bloggers as they are doing it for a very long time and you are just going to start, I am just going to give you some basic idea of how much you can earn and in how many days if you do some hard work initially.

How much time it takes to start making money from a new blog

If you search over the internet you will hardly find an exact answer but I will tell you as close as possible. Roughly it takes 2-4 months before you see money flow.

Below is the Earning Pattern provided by Famous Indian blogger/Youtuber  Amit Bhawani. I followed the same rule and achieved it in almost the same manner.

First Month – 0 Rs

Second Month – 500 Rs to 2000 Rs – You gonna recover your invested money on Domain and Hosting

Third Month – 3000- 5000 Rs per month

Fourth Month – 15000- 20000 Rs Per Month

5th Month- 35000 Rs per Month Approx

6th Month – 50000 Rs per Month (This I have achieved in my 5th month itself. You too can achieve It’s easy if you are consistent.

9th Month – 12th Month – More than 1 Lakh Rs per month

Important Note: There is no guarantee that everybody will make the same amount at the same time, It all depends on your consistency and hard work.

Currently, I am running 6 blogs from where I am earning money. I can’t disclose my full earnings and my website’s name here, because some people just copy cat the work, but I am going to show you some proof. Below is my Google My Adsense Income for 2 Years.


21111.40$ = Approx 16 Lakh INR 

This is just my google adsense earning but like other bloggers, my main source of blogging income is affiliate marketing which is far better than Adsense earning. In one sentence Affiliate marketing means promoting/selling others’ products on your blog and getting a commission in return.


Hopefully, now you will take blogging very seriously. The only reason I am showing you my earning is to motivate you and to show you the blogging potential. Now, let’s move to the main topic of how you can start your own blog for free or you can go for a premium blog.

Free Blog Vs Paid Blog (Self Hosted)

Some people always have doubts about whether they should go for a free blog or they should spend money to get a paid hosted blog. I am going to list down the point which will help you to decide whether you should for a premium blog or free blog.

Free Blog: 

Pros of a Free Blog:

1. No Initial start-up costs.
2. You don’t have to worry about space, files, design. and give you all the features for free.

Cons of a free blog:

1. You can not have your favorite domain name, Blogspot or WordPress prefix will always be there for a free blog. for example or
2. Free blogs appear less professional than self-hosted ones.
3. Free Blogs give a very clear indication to your readers that you are not very serious about your business.
4. You have less control over your blog. You can not install third-party plugin or custom CSS
5. You have a very limited amount of bandwidth, video time, and memory space.
6. In Free platforms, you are going to share your advertisement earnings with the hosting provider.
7. The most important point is Google don’t give priority to free blogs so it’s always difficult to rank in google with a free blog 
8. You can not sell your blog. Once your blog is popular it’s not possible to sell your blog, People always prefer to buy professional blogs/Websites.

When you should go for a Free blog?

  1. If you are doing blogging for time pass or just want to try out.
  2. Your main purpose is not to earn money from a blog.
  3. A free blog is useful for those people who just want to write about their personal story and their personal notes.

I will provide full details about the free blog setup later in this article

Why You Should Always go for Paid blog (Self Hosted) : 

  1. Its shows you are serious about your business.
  2. Google gives priority to your blog to rank in google easier as compare to the free blog which we help you to get organic visitors.
  3. Easy to sell your Blog/Website– If you are earning a decent amount from your blog then you can easily sell your website on for 24 times your monthly income. for example if you are making 1 lakh rs per month you can sell your website on or empireflippers for approx 24 lakh or more. This is just a general estimate. Personally, I got an offer to sell my website for 24000$ (17 Lakh) but I rejected.
  4. Nowadays It just costs around 200 rs per month to create your own self-hosted blog then why go for a free blog. Tell me if you have any business idea cheaper than this. even a student can start this business.
  5. No income sharing: You don’t have to share the income that you generate from features like AdSense. Everything that you earn online will go directly into your pocket.
  6. No lengthy URLs: If you go for a personal domain, you will not have to deal with the extra lengthy URLs.
  7. No spams: with proper security, you can protect your personal domain from spammers. Whereas, in the case of, free platforms like WordPress and Bloggers, you will deal with spammers. Or you may try the free special security suite offered by Bluehost
  8. SEO Advantage: With a personal domain, you get an advantage of SEO over the free platforms. Free platforms are not open to full SEO customizations according to your preference. That is why it is always advised to go for a personal domain.

Start before Its too Late

Things are very different for Indian bloggers as compared to the bloggers outside India. The competition in India makes it easy for anyone to start a blog.

If you start a blog today, there is a high chance of success but if you start a blog 2-3 years after, the competition will be very high and the chance of success will be less, and by that time your blog will have strong authority in google’s eye and you will be able to beat all the new blog in search engine ranking. If you start now your blog authority will keep on improving month by month and after 2-3 years from now, you will be the owner of a high authority website. You just stay focus for the initial few months.

After considering all the above points, you are ready to start your new blog.

How to start a blog in India in 7 Steps

1.Decide your Blog/Website Name:-

The domain name is your online name and it does not depend on your niche. It will be your blog’s personalized name over the internet. This address is yours till the time you are paying.

Click here to check your Blog name availability on BlueHost

Those users who are familiar with your URL will type it in the address bar of their browser. Other people will get to know about it from different search engines like yahoo and Google. For this, you should have an individual address.

The standard rule of setting a domain name is to apply “.com” or “.in”but you can also use “.net” etc.

 If at the moment you are not able to give a domain name, Bluehost will facilitate you to provide one later.

2 . Choose Web Hosting:

How to choose the best web hosting for your blog In India

The next step after selecting a domain name is to choose a hosting service that is reliable. The performance of a website majorly depends on the hosting service. It is the responsibility of the host to make sure that the blog is available 24/7 and all your files and relevant content is stored on the server.

In some companies, when you purchase their service for 1st year they will give you a free domain.

In case, if you are caught by the wrong WebHost, it will trouble you. Thus, it is necessary to choose a secure and trustable web host.

According to the research and data collected from WordPress, and the opinion of expert bloggers, Bluehost is a perfect choice.

Why Bluehost is Best

In India, we have many hosting providers like Godaddy and Bigrock which claim they provide the cheapest hosting plan but actually not. In their hosting plan, you can host just a single website, and later on, there is a charge for every other extra feature. For example, for you want to add SSL (HTTPS version of your site) you have to pay a good amount of money to them. If you want their customer support to take backup they are going to charge you money whereas In Bluehost provide so many good features as mentioned below:

  • They will provide you a free domain name with hosting.
  • A free SSL Certificate.
  • In the Bluehost Plus plan, you can host unlimited websites for the price of one domain.
  • They provide 24/7 support.
  • You can click on WordPress and install it on your hosting.
  • I can guarantee that you cannot find better hosting than Bluehost with the same features and price. I have been using Bluehost for many years for all my websites and don’t have any complaints.
  • They have a 30 Day Return Policy. In case you are not happy with the service, they will return your money without any question.
  • They have numerous tools for add-ons.
  • They have the latest technology for the fast loading of pages.
  • The cPanel is easy to use and customized.

Go to Bluehost and register your blog or click on the “Get Started” button below to get 60% off.

Here, I will provide you information on how to log in for an account and installation of WordPress software.

  1. Go to the main page:

Go to the official page of the website “”. Select the green button “Get Started”


2. Choose Hosting Plan:

Here you have to select a hosting plan. If you have just started then go for the Basic Plan. Afterward, you may upgrade it to a Choice Plus or Plus plan once the blog starts getting traffic.  According to your budget, you may choose the recommended plan.

3. Select Domain Name:

The domain name is your blog address, so select one that you can memorize easily and is unique. In the “Domain Box” write the name you have decided & Bluehost will let you know its availability. Otherwise, Bluehost will give you suggestions.

In case you are not able to decide your website name, You can also skip the step for the time being. Bluehost gives you the option to register your domain name later for free.

4. Registration Page:

Bluehost will redirect you to a registration page so that you fill in data, or for a faster process you may sign up with your Gmail.

5. Hosting Package:

Go for a suitable plan for your account. It has 36, 24, and 12-month packages. The 24 and 36-month packages are suitable for the long term.

6. Extras:

Check the extra facilities provided in your package. If you uncheck those you don’t want, the overall package price will be reduced. You may add them afterward if you want to. The Total Cost for 365 days is 4233 INR which means approx Rs 11 per day, Please let me know in the comment section if you have a better business plan with such a low investment 🙂

7. Payment:

Add information about your payment. Abide by the terms and conditions and click the green button. You will receive a verification email. This will activate the account.

  1. Account:
  2. Go for “create account”
  3. Enter the password & complete the setup.
  4. Press on the login button.
  5. Fill in the required fields.

    Now you can create your blog.

Your WordPress Blog is Ready :

After logging in you will have to complete a process of 4 steps before creating your blogs. You may skip these steps but it will be beneficial for you if you have just started out.

How to choose a Niche/Category for a Blog:

A very important part of blogging is to choose a perfect niche for your blog.

During the selection of a niche make sure to:

  1. Select a niche that sounds interesting and you are ambitious about it.
  2. It should be popular among the public and catchy to grab the attention of the public.

These are simple ways to select a niche for you:


Writing is an art but it does not require specific skills. You have to select a topic you are passionate about. The topic should be broad and vast. You must have prior knowledge regarding it. You don’t have to go about the technical details of the topic but make sure that you can speak on your topic for a day. After, choosing a suitable topic move on.

Keywords Research:

Now you have to search for keywords. You can use different applications for this purpose like Ubersuggest, Adwords, and Semrush. My recommended website is Ubersuggest. It provides you a good surfing experience. You don’t have to go through the arduous process of signup and verification.

Simply go to the main page. Enter the name of your country and search for the keyword. The website will immediately let you know that how many times people have searched for this word. In this way, you can easily find tags and keywords for your blogs.

If you choose a specific niche like “cricket” instead of “sports”, it will be much easier for you to find keywords. So, ckeyword_researchoncludingly, be topic-specific.


An important part of blogging is to be ranked on Google. Otherwise, your blog is useless if you are not able to get it rank on Google.

Another technique that you can use is to outrank and contend other sites like Forbes, Huffpost & Entrepreneur.

For instance, Huffpost has an article written about women’s handbags and is on the first page of Google. You can compete with this website if your content is completely written on women’s handbags because Google prefers those sites which have all the relevant content written.

In this case, if your website has all the content based on women’s shoes and Huffpost also has other content related to fashion. Then Google will give you preference over HuffPost.  This is how the micro-niche technique is used.

In this way, your readers will enjoy reading your blog.

The four steps:

  1. You have to answer 3 questions:
  • The kind of the site
  • type
  • Who are you creating it for?
  1. In the next step, you have to select the add-ons from the options Bluehost will provide you.
  • Here, you have to answer some important questions that can also be changed later like what will be the name of the blog and the tagline, etc.
  1. Now, you have to select themes for your website provided by Bluehost. You can also leave this step.

After completing these steps you are directed to the main account page.

  1. Launching:

You can also customize your website further from the recommendations of Bluehost. When you click on the “Launch” button, the blog will be live.  Now, If you want your blog to look complete and sound well you should go to the dashboard of WordPress, edit your blog and add some content. In this way, your website will not appear fluttered in the browser.

6.Selecting a Design and Theme for your Blog:

Your blog should have a decent design & layout. You can install a new theme for WordPress. In the dashboard, click on the Appearance tab and select Themes. Go for WordPress themes, browse and search free themes. 3000+ themes are available.

Now, it completely depends on you, to make your blog look natural and attractive for potential readers by using a suitable theme.

Here, I have listed some simple steps to select your theme:

  • Description:

Always read the short descriptions written about the features of the theme. This will help you a lot in selecting one.

  • Theme:

Go through the demo of the theme, so that you may have a general idea of how the blog will look and the limit of customization.

  • Ratings:

You should have a look at the star ratings to judge the quality of the theme.

Initially, if you don’t like the theme then don’t be worried because it needs to be filled with content and images.

Free / Premium Theme:

  There are many free themes on WordPress from which you may select one of your choices. The two main themes called 2020 or 2012, you can easily choose if you don’t want to scroll through thousands of themes. Both of them are free themes available in WordPress.

You can also change the theme later. All the matter will be shifted to the new theme automatically. If you are not satisfied, then you can buy premium themes. The themes are sold by WordPress but are designed by a third-party.


In the dashboard of WordPress, you quickly access all the tools and make your blog a masterpiece. There are numerous customization options available in WordPress.

Logo for Blog:

In Bluehost, there is an option for “Make a logo”. It can be used to design a beautiful logo for a blog immediately. After the generation of the logo, you may download it and save it to your computer.


You can use plugins to personalize your blogs. This will improve the look and functionality of your bog attracting readers towards you. They are usually free. WordPress possesses fifty-seven thousand plugins.

Bluehost automatically adds in some plugins for you that they consider are important for your website. You can also view them on the dashboard. You can also install new plugins and deactivate them.

Some recommended plugins are

  • MonsterInsights
  • Yoast SEO
  • WP Super Cache
  • Akismet
  • ContactForm 7
  • Disqus

Have a look.

Akismet is a popular plugin to govern junk and unsolicited comments. There are many computer bots that send spam comments. The plugin will thwart your comment box from such errors and will render it well-ordered.

This is a technical and methodological plugin. You have to do the settings vigilantly. You can see a video or blog for the purpose.

It will significantly increase the speed of loading content. Because slow websites are very irritating and people don’t really bother about them.

When the size of an image is small it loads rapidly. This is the benefit provided by WP Smush that it auto-compresses the images that you add to your blog. In this way, your page loads faster.

  • W3 Cache:

This plugin controls and cleans all the cache and rubbish stored on the website. Your website is just like your mobile phone. As the phone stores cache and needs to be optimized regularly, the same is the functioning of a website.

  • Contact Form:

This is a free contact form and you may add it to the contact page of the blog. When a reader sends you his/her queries they will be received in your email.

  1. Writing and Publishing:

Now, your framework is ready. Here is the point when you should learn how to write a blog. Before writing your blog fill in the content for about us or contact box.

Content of Main Page:

  1. Main page:

If you choose the homepage as the static one then write content to be displayed on this page.

  1. About us:

This is an important part that tells your reader about your origin, the reason for being here, and the niche of your blogs.

  1. Contact page:

On this page, you can chat with your readers. Either you can give the option of sharing an email address or redirect to social networking sites.

  1. Products and services:

Provides extra information regarding your blog.

First Blog:

The 3 steps that will lead you to your first blog are:

  • Main point– it will cover the main idea.
  • Proof– provide justification.
  • Performance– execution of the idea.

8.Optimization for SEO:

If you want to get heavy traffic for your blog, it must be optimized for SEO.

The two major techniques that you can incorporate in your blogs to get heavy traffic are:

  • Using keywords
  • Use meta-tags.


You will have to research for the set of appropriate keywords from which people can access your blogs by searching on a browser.

Meta tags:

You can add SEO tags to your writing. The tags do not appear on the website but are useful for Google. The length should not be greater than 60 letters.

Promotion of Blog:

The promotion of your blog is a necessary part of blogging. It is significant to bring your blog into the limelight and attract potential readers. You have to engage in your niche to market and promote your blog.

Here, is the list of promotional activities:

  • Tell all your friends about your new achievement. Your email sign should consist of the website name and URL. Write it on all your social networking sites to attract folks.
  • If you have given your content to bookmarking sites, they will provide it to readers who are in search of such content. Some popular sites are Reddit and
  • Be active on forums and other blogging communities and pages. You can comment on the blogs of other bloggers to grab attention and to build a sturdy relationship with them.
  • Use social media positively to promote your blog on different sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Choose a worthy website and start writing guest posts, to stay active as a blogger.
  • Advertise your blog on paid media.

Social Media:

Social media has become a necessity these days. If your readers are active then you must show your online presence on media platforms. If you have really worked hard on the blog, then you really deserve appreciation.

So, you must promote your blog on your own social media, shares, likes, and comments are necessary for your blog to engage the community. Don’t waste time on social media.

Initially, design a strategy to start with. Choose your preferred social media sites and start engaging your customers. Go for a maximum of 3 websites, otherwise, you will be confused and overwhelmed.

Be careful not to keep on promoting your blog yourself without any traffic. The quality of the content should be high and professional. Stay soft, humble, entertaining, and helpful to others. You have to build a robust fan base on social media for your blog.


Start commenting on the blogs of other famous bloggers to get attention and traffic. In this way, people will start searching for you and read your blogs. Try to make an appropriate comment which stands out.

Guest Blog:

There was this trend once that people used to post bulks of plagiarized and spunned articles. Eventually, Google had to take action against this. Start guest blogging in a legal way to help the audience.

The benefit of guest blogging is that it provides you an opportunity to get exposure. A guest post is the blog post that you write for other bloggers. You don’t own it so it’s called a guest post.

Benefits of Guest Blogging:

  • When you create backlinks from the best quality content on different blogs within your niche, then any Algorithmic changes won’t affect you.
  • Add the link of your blog to your profile and guest post. People will outreach you from there. If you have created a guest blog in a famous niche, you will get a lot of traffic on your blog. But it’s not necessary that you get many clicks from a guest post. You have to work hard for getting more traffic.
  • From engaging on all these platforms, another benefit that you will get is the rapid rise in your no. of subscribers.
  • From guest blogging, you will get much exposure. For instance, if 25,000 people view your blog and there are 11000 website visitors you will get much exposure.
  • A writer gradually evolves with experience. When you start blogging, then start with a smaller blog within your niche and as your experience increases with time you can move on to a larger capacity of blogs of different niches. Before you send a blog to your owner; make sure you proofread it to remove all grammatical mistakes and errors.
  • Build an email list from the day you start blogging. This will increase your subscribers dramatically. Subscribers are the people who are interested in your blog.
  • SEO is a major part of a blog. You have to learn some rules of SEO. The market is full of bloggers and the competition is always at the peak. If you are familiar with SEO then you are definitely not going to make the mistakes that usually beginners do. If you want your blog to be ranked on Google you will have to work hard. There are hundreds of websites that never rank on the first page of Google.
  • You can get a higher domain Authority by buying an older domain. In this way, you can get a high ranking. During domain auctions, you may get a perfect domain. If you wish to create your own brand name then purchase a domain name.
  • There are many blogs that have not achieved any traffic yet.

Money from Blogs:

  • It is a good option to run advertisements on your blogs. You may choose ads relevant to writing. Some popular websites are Adsense, Adthrive & Mediavine.
  • Entrepreneurs can sell their own products through their blogs. This will increase your popularity. You can sell products online by using a WordPress plugin called WooCommerce Plugin.
  • You want to make passive income then you can write and publish your ebook which will be downloadable. You can do this by using Amazon.
  • You can also advertise sponsored ads on your blogs. You will find an advertiser easily who will pay you for running his ad on your platform. If your blog will become popular advertisers will approach you.


You can earn money from it Google Adsense. You won’t be able to make a single pie from this method if you don’t have enough traffic for your blog. If you are working in a niche that generates millions of traffic then it will be beneficial for you. This is the only reason marketing of affiliated products is preferred to Adsense.

Another problem that people generally face is the approval of Adsense. Google checks all the blogs manually before giving approval. So this is a hardcore process.


The meaning of affiliate marketing is to promote and sell the products of other companies to your audience. On each sale, you are paid a commission by the company. The commission rate of different companies is different.

For example, if your niche is related to women’s shoes then you can collaborate with Amazon Affiliated websites to sell the related programs. But affiliate marketing is not that easy. You will have to provide product information and reviews to your audience to attract them and sell your affiliated product.

If you have developed a trustful relationship with your audience, they are surely going to listen to your recommendations. People always believe in influencers.

So, affiliate marketing represents the bond of trust between you and your audience.

Selling products:

You can produce your own products and sell them on your blogging website. For instance, if you are writing on fashion, be specific on women’s shoes. You can produce your own trendy shoes and sell them. If you are writing on candles you can produce your own handmade beautiful candles and sell them within a low budget.

Online videos, courses, and eBooks can also be sold. Initially, you will have to experience different niches after you settle on an appropriate one.

Online courses:

Maria Killam, a renowned interior designer, has online workshops & courses for free and she is earning sufficient revenue. It has become very easy and simple these days with immense advancement of technology to launch your course. If your course is a unique one then you are definitely going to earn a million dollars in a few days’ time.


For selling an eBook you just have to:

  • Choose a topic
  • Write eBook.
  • Compile it
  • Sell it on Amazon or your website.

Producing your own product gives you all the legal rights of use. Now another way of earning money from your blogs is to compile all your blogs related to a specific niche and sell them online. You can use Amazon as a platform to sell your products. Otherwise, you can develop your own brand. You can earn enough money by self-publishing your books. You can get the cover designed by a freelancer and publish it to earn lifetime earnings.

Sponsored content:

If a renowned brand is bringing out its new product and you have some related content. They may hire you to write articles. You can add your links to it. In this way, you can charge per post.


By becoming a freelancer you can earn enough passive income. You will have to put in some extra time along with effort. You can sell your writing services along with blogging to boost up your ranks. If you are successful in finding some good clients who have enough work in the pipeline you can earn a living with some effort. You can earn from providing your best quality work.


The coaching industry generates revenue of millions of dollars every year. You can also become a coach and help people. If you are delivering high-quality coaching people will pay you a handsome amount for your service.  Many bloggers out there have started their career as a coach and got regular clients. If you provide good quality and are consistent then you can easily earn from this way. This is a quick way of earning money.


There are many agencies working to promote the blogs of famous bloggers. Your blog will be among the stars if you just collaborate with these agencies. They will help you to bring your blog in limelight.


You can write a small review and earn up to ten dollars per review post. If your blog has a sufficient ranking and traffic you will be approached by hundreds of people to write a review of their product. You can ask for a sample of the product before writing a review. In this way, your review will be helpful and honest.


The speaking conferences are going to earn you a substantial earning. If your blog is ranked on Google and you are gradually gaining fame and popularity among the blogging community, then people will invite you to speak at their conferences and will pay you enough money for this. You will have to speak for about sixty to ninety minutes and will earn enough from it.

Guest Blogging for Media:

If you are going in the right direction, coming into the limelight the press will outreach you. They will ask you to create some unique content for their magazine. For instance, if your niche is about cooking, they will pay you to write some unique recipes for their magazine.

WordPress Themes:

This is a technical method of earning money. If you know the skill of web designing you can create some word press themes that can be sold online. This can also become a source of passive income. Make sure that you know how to design a theme.

To sum up, BlueHost is providing a user-friendly experience and you can start writing your own blog today. You don’t have to learn any coding or technical skills to start a blog. I have listed all the easy steps you can follow to start a blog.

How to start a blog in India for free

As I already told you free blog is not a good option for any serious blogger but if still, you want to go for a free blog kindly follow the below steps

  1. Find yourself a good blogging platform: You may search for various blogging platforms and can go for the one that provides you the maximum output with minimum efforts


  1. Cost to start blogging:

The Bluehost Company’s pricing plans are much affordable and budget-friendly. But if you go for another website the prices will differ but they won’t be greater than $100 per year.


  1. Self-hosted platforms:

For self-hosted platforms (also known as CMS), you may not have many options to choose from. The most famous is For such platforms, you have to use your own web hosting and domain. You are completely responsible for the blog & its contents. You just have to pay a few & every month which makes 10 dollars every for the domain.

If you completely want to host your blog yourself, then you may choose this option.


  1. Hosted Blog Platforms:

Remember that free platforms always have restrictions like the name of your blog will be a subdomain as mentioned earlier. And secondly, you will have to abide by the rules and regulations. In case you are determined to be a successful blogger you will have to pay for the domain and services etc.

Some other blogging platforms are as follow: is the most preferred choice for starting up a free blog in India. It provides you good options for customizations and it also helps you to showcase your talent properly. The best part about Bloggers is that it is free and you can start with your blogs in minutes. Although you need to have a basic knowledge of HTML if in case you want to modify your blog a bit more.


WordPress is the new hype in the blogging world. Every other website is based on WordPress these daysThe best part about WordPress is that it is free and you don’t need to know HTML. WordPress largely works on plugins and you may use plugins for almost anything.

We hope you got the answer to your question: ‘How to start a blog in India for free?’

Steps to start a Blog

Now, you can create a blog of your own successfully!

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  1. Solowayne

    Always amazing info to be found on this blog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sumit

    Great Article Tarun. Really inspired Me
    I have also registered my blog . hopefully i will also do great.

    1. Tarun

      Best Of Luck Sumit, just have the patience and keep on doing the hardwork.

      1. Ahad

        Hey, I am a student and I wanted to start a blog. As getting inspired by your words, it feels quite nice along with some bucks. But i am afraid that while making my own website and other stuffs, i would make a mistake. Its my humble request that you please give me a way to contact your and get my queries done while making myself a blog. If possible give your whatsapp number or any other way for me to contact you.
        My Whatsapp: 9990271143

  3. Amazing Adviser

    Hi Tarun, I am a newbie and this article really helped me to understand blogging industry. Thanks for writing and guiding. This is absolutely easy to understand.

    Keep writing.

    1. tarun singh

      Thank you..

  4. Testex 100 Reviews

    Wohh exactly what I was searching for, thank you for posting.

  5. Kathy

    Thanks Tarun ! Great Article . It motivated me.

    1. tarun singh

      Great if you liked it.

    1. tarun singh

      Thanks Varun

  6. Ashwani Chowdhry

    Thanks for the valuable information.

  7. thippesha

    sir i wanted to create a blog in blogger is it essential to make it gdpr compliant sir? i don’t want to add contact forms i will be using it only for the display of my books please answer me sir

  8. Best friend

    Hey this is the best blog I have read about this topic. Every other blogs confused me so much.

  9. BloggingStar

    Aap ne free blog banane ke bare me bahut achi janakari di he. Or ache se bataya he ki blog ko kaise create karte he.

  10. Ronak Toshniwal

    Wow really impressive
    can you tell how much you are earning from this blog?
    as this is an affiliate blog in india do indians purchase links by looking text based articles or they prefer to use youtube?

    can you make some earning?

    1. Tarun

      Thanks, Ronak for stopping by
      Yes, you can make a decent amount from Indian visitors, People do buy from affiliate link.
      Text-based or youtube based content, both can do the work.

  11. Rupam

    Quite amazing post. It is really very helpful and informative content. Wish you keep writing more helpful posts. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Sara

    Hi ..superb blog. Thank you for your information..

  13. Deepesh Kumar

    Hi iam new to these. Iam a student of bba 1st year. Iam 17 years old. Iam unable to understand sir. Can i start now and earn from blogging. As i want to help my parents due to financially weak. Please help me tarun sir. My name is Deepesh Kumar. Please tarun sir help me. You can whatsapp me at my number:- +91-8310060636.

  14. Smita


    I am thinking of starting becoming a blog writer. I want to write about my own thoughts. Your advice is surely helpful. Let’s see what awaits me. Thanks

    1. Tarun

      Best of Luck Smita

  15. Bishnu

    wow, really inspiring blogging journey bro.
    Also, you describe everything in your post that needs to start a brand new blog or website for beginners.
    This article definitely helps all the beginners who want to start their blogging journey.
    Thank You,

    1. Tarun

      Thanks Bishnu

  16. Ahad

    Hey, I am a student and I wanted to start a blog. As getting inspired by your words, it feels quite nice along with some bucks. But i am afraid that while making my own website and other stuffs, i would make a mistake. Its my humble request that you please give me a way to contact your and get my queries done while making myself a blog. If possible give your whatsapp number or any other way for me to contact you.

  17. Nis

    hope u clear a few registering on igate enough? what about the tax once we start earning?
    n if we sell something thro the website is there any rule for minimum price to be charged (like competition commission of India)?
    thanks a lot for the above article..
    also I want to know how to start an online forum?

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