How To Track Your iPhone And iPad If Stolen?

Anything can happen when you leave your house and carry your iPhone or iPad along with you, if you are in a Part, you enjoy meeting and talking to your old and new friends. The chances of leaving your phone alone are much more possible because you may keep it on a chair, sofa, table or elsewhere in the party hall and forget it. By the time you realize the absence of your phone, it is already stolen by some in the heavy crowd. It becomes very difficult to trace the iPhone or iPad, in that gathering and you have to ultimately forget about your phone.

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Taking into consideration all these hassles Apple has given the best solution and features to it’s users. If you have Apple brand with you, it becomes very easy to track down your device if it is lost or stolen by someone .You need not worry about your personal contacts , confidential information or some other important note which is also lost with the device. Here is the procedure through that you can not only track about your stolen phone but also all the phone memories can be saved. The only thing is that you must have activated the application of ‘Find my phone/iPhne/mac before ay such incident takes place.


Open the website, sign in the Apple ID.

If you are in use of other iCloud app. Then you should click on top of iCloud window the name of app. and click of Find My Phone. If you do not get such option on your phone it means that your account is having access the features to iCloud only. In this case jus to gain the access to other features you have to set up iCloud on your iQS phone.


After setting, you will find that a new page has opened in which all devices will appear, now you have to select the one which you want to track.


After that you should click on the Lost Mode.


Then you have to follow all the instructions which have appeared on the screen, and keep the under mentioned things in mind.

1-If your phone is already having the pass code; you will have to use it to lock your device.

2- And if it is asked that you should set up the pass code which will be necessary to unlock the device, so you have to remember the pass code

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