How to turn any song into a ringtone on your Android phone


In today’s time music  has become a must for our tension filled and busy life. Our brain wants a recess after doing work for 3-4 hours continuously. During the rest time it requires something cool in the atmosphere and Android phones can be very helpful to solve this problem. You enjoy songs and music stored in your phone Gallery and make them your ringtone to provide you a soothing feeling while receiving any call. Now the question is as to how we can convert any song or sound into a ringtone. It is a bit tricky but easy if you carefully follow the instruction as given below. But before we start its necessary for you to install Ringdriod app from Google Play Store.

Obviously before making any song or sound as your ringtone, it should already exist in your gallery either in phone memory or SD card memory. The Ringdriod app is compatible with WAV, MP3, AAC and audio file of AMR. You cannot only create a ringtone but also customize them as notification and alarm tone.

Once you have downloaded the Ringdroid app via Play store of Google, you have to install it on your phone. To start with the ringtone creating process you have to firstly tap on it. After tapping you will see that a list of song has appeared in the main window on the screen. To select a song you will have to open and see all the items in the list and pick the particular one which you want to convert into a ringtone.

How to turn any song into ringtone

Once you have selected the song to convert into a ringtone, the Waveform of that particular song will open. You should then, use the sliders of above and below showing graph which will be starting and ending points of your ringtone. In this way, very easily you can edit the song and select the portion as per your requirement.  After completion of this, finally you can save the clip of the sound by clicking the disk icon.

Now its up to you if you want to rename it or not. Remember, you can set your ringtone as default, so that it will be constant till next action.

There is one more thing , suppose you have created more than one song into ringtone, they will all be existing in the app’s over view and you can use any one of them by removing the previous one. Searching for a new ringtone from the list of created ringtone is also very easy. You have to open the app and see the list of ringtones given and select any one for use. I would like to suggest you something very important. Always go for the sweet and cool ringtones so that it creates a pleasant atmosphere around. It should also be a short one. No problem if it repeats twice or thrice during the connection.

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