How To Turn Off Whatsapp Notification?


There is a common opinion about whatsapp to day that this is a marvellous network application of today’s time. So far for the last several years we were using mobile phone networks operator service of sending and sending a message. But due to it’s limited capacity it was difficult to send some printed document, photograph or video etc. Whatapp network application has come out with a developed and extra fast message transaction service.That the reason whatsapp. Has become today a great social networking application, and everyone who has android or iPhone would never forget to use it from the very first day.

Now the whatsapp has become so common and popular that a person having iPhone and android phone of any quality and brand is having this application loaded as a compulsory service. But in some of the old brands of handsets this application has to be loaded and install manually. However, the whatssapp application remains almost same whether it is pre loaded or post loaded.


After regular use of this messaging service some people want to have further convenience and facility in this application. For example some people do not like to keep their whatsapp conversation private from others. They do not like that whatsapp notification should be disclosed to any other person on the screen of their phones. This need becomes a must when you are using whatapp in your personal use and talking to some of your friend or relative regarding some personal matters. Here I am going to show you the right way to keep all whatsapp message notification hidden from your family members, friends and other close relatives.

The solution of keeping the notification disclosed are very simple and easily adjustable because this facility is given in the whatsapp setting which you have to follow and adjust accordingly. This will not only hide the whatsapp notifications ,but also all the conversation what you have on whatsapp. In fact no Notification or the message will be visible on your phone display.

Now the question is : How To Turn WhatsApp Notification Off?

We will show here the best way to solve this problem of yours. You have to read the instructions carefully and follow them minutely step by step to achieve the required result.

  1. Launch Whatsapp on your iPhone. And Open its Setting
  2. After launching whatsapp you will have to go  in the Setting option. .
  3. Tap on whatsapp. setting. After tapping on setting you will get many options. You should choose Notification.
  4. You will see that the Toggle is showing preview OFF. That means preview will be no more shown on the screen. Now it is done and you will get Hide – message- preview – Off on your phone till you change it in future.

And at any time if you want to go back to previous setting and want to see the notifications, you have to simply toggle show preview ON.

Hope that you the above setting will definitely work and help you.


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