How to use Helium Backup to Sync and Backup your Android smartphone data

How to use Helium Backup to Sync and Backup your Android smartphone data

It is no secret that people who use smart phones tend to ignore the fact that they need to back up their stored mobile data and most especially those who use the android phones some of them saying that Google already backs up their data and therefore they do not need to back it up themselves. However, this is an extremely dangerous perception as there are certain types of comprehensive data back-up that Google cannot undertake and you will be required to have an external data backing system to ensure that your data is well protected.Why to take a chance with our important data.Why not to use Helium backup to sync and backup your android smartphone data.Just in case you have lost your vital information you had stored in your phone and had not backed up it like your contacts for instance, you will understand why you should the reasons as to why you should always make sure that you back up your mobile data always.

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I now know that many of you want to back up their data but you do not have an idea on what the best methods are on getting to effectively back up your data. Here we will teach you an effective way of storing the smartphone’s data that is how to use Helium backup to ¬†Sync and Backup your android smartphone data.So if you are interested in how to use this method you need to stick with us for more information about this back up system.


The Helium backup and sync system process

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It is very important to note that we are focusing mostly on the features that will be available to you once you have upgraded to the premium version since that is the version where the backup system is most effective. You are therefore strongly recommended that you consider upgrading to the premium version for you to start using the special features it offers its users such as the backing up of data to the cloud, backup schedules as well as device to device sync.
The first process and decision you need to undertake when preparing to use this system is to first understand whether you will be required to root your smartphone or not. This type of backup system does not demand that it be used on a rooted device for it to perform its functions effectively although you can very well use the rooting option for more effective functions of the helium backup system. However, for those who would like to root their smartphones when using this app, you need to understand the rooting process required a lot of your concentration as you could very easily erase all your mobile phone data with just one click and therefore you should only use this option if you are certain that you understand the whole rooting procedure.

The backup process

If you have seen the Helium home screen, you must have noticed that it is divided into two tabs where one focuses on the back up process and the other on the restore and sync process.These two tabs contain of all the applications you might have installed on your phone and each application on the tab has a small box on it for the purpose of marking on which ones you want to backup or restore. With the select all and the deselect all, you are able to attend to all the apps at the same time instead of ticking at each ones box. The helium backup system offers you the chance to save even the apk files of the applications you have decided to backup so that the restoration process can become an easier task for you, however, this also has a demerit which is that there is a sizable backup and you can avoid this by changing to backup app data only an option found on the control shade.
After you have done all these and you have selected the various apps you want to backup and you are ready to proceed to the next step, the system will provide you with a comprehensive list of the possible places on which you can save those files and apps that you have chosen to backup. You may be prompted to save the backed up files on the internal storage device on your smartphone or even the cloud accounts on your phone like Google drive.

The Restoring and Syncing process

Just like its name suggests, this is the tab that deals with getting back the files and apps you had backed up running on your smartphone. Under this tab, you will notice that it provides you with information about all the places where you have stored your backed up data either in the internal devices or the cloud connections. With the multiple device connection, you will be able to connect multiple devices to the cloud connection with the data and therefore it is more effective. Just like in the backup tab this one too, you can also choose the from the available options which one you want to restore and after selecting, you will only be required to hit on the restore icon and the data will be restored.

The Helium backup and sync system also enables its users to synchronize apps between various android devices. This is option is usually available when you are checking which devices are available for syncing and if there are any by just tapping on any one of them, you will be able to see the various type of apps that have been installed on each device from which you may now choose to restore them on the device in your possession.
The use of this Helium backup and sync application is a relatively tough process and there is definitely no reason as to why you should fail to back up your smartphone data. All you have to do is just follow the above simple procedure on how to use Helium backup to sync and backup your android smartphone data and you will be on your way to make sure that you never get to lose the data you may have stored on your android smartphone.


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