How to use whatsapp on android tablet without sim card


Whatsapp is a very interesting app which is currently being used by a large number of the world’s has specifically designed to operate on mobile phone devices. All android tablets with no 3G or 4G connectivity are not meant to access whatsapp. For those who have this types of tablets, it becomes tempting to have your whatsapp on the tablet due to the use of a larger screen among other factors. Currently there is a method most tablets owner are using to have their whatsapp on their tablets. The following is how you will achieve this.

The process of installing whatsapp on your tablet is very different from the normal way you install whatsapp on your phone. With your tablet, you will have to download the app first to your Mac or PC and then use ifunBox to install it on your ipad, though this is only necessarily depending on some tablets. When you browse through the Google play site for whatsapp, you will always encounter telling you that your device does not support whatsapp, what you will need to do is Google WhatsApp APK file. Lots of sites have this set up.

Before you are in a position to install the whatsapp APK file you have downloaded you’ll need to change you tablets security option. Go to the setting menu, select security and then enable unknown source under device administration. Once done with the installations go and disable this option.
At this stage the challenging aspect is how to bypass the phones verification system. You will enter your phone number and click OK. you will receive a text message on your phone but it will not detect on your tablet. After approximately five minutes, whatsapp will report that SMS verification failed and the will give you the option of trying voice verification. Tap on call me, when they call answer the call and you will be given a six verification number. Now that you have this code, enter it on you tablet and start using your whatsapp. Your whatsapp will now ask if you want to restore message history from its backup. Even if you choose yes, this option usually don’t work because none of the data has been stored on the tablet.

The disadvantage of using this method is that after installing whatsapp on your tablet, you will not be in a position to use your account on the smartphone. This is because the phone number you used can only be used to create only one account. This is not a bother to many people since they don’t need to see their message by use of their smartphones and also tablets. Though if you seriously need to use both you can get a different number to be used on the phone or the tablet.

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