How to Improve Your Website Ranking Without Hiring An Expert

The first thing we wish for after creating a website is to somehow increase the rank of our website, especially in a short span of time.

Now, one way is to hire an expert, but well it is neither possible every time nor advisable. So there comes a second way – to follow a few simple steps on your own and without hiring an expert improve the ranking of your website.

The following steps are not just an overview but much more practical and detailed steps to help you become an expert yourself

Correct Keyword Phrases: Google provides a well-known service which is used to optimize your search queries that adds to the attributes of the website. It is highly acknowledged to ask a friend to read the Keyword and suggest whether it is optimum for the search or not.  Popularity on a page can be checked by using another tool that is Google Trends.

Optimize your Search Query: It will be highly appreciable if you use the same keyword in your URL as that in your search query. It will help the proper indexing in the meta-database. In order to speed-up the indexing of data, use the same keyword repeatedly in the webpage but not more than 4-5 times. But of course, you can use the synonyms or the variations of the word.

Attractive Content: The most important attribute for increasing traffic to your website is providing contents of greater values to the readers. Attack follow-up links so that your page can be re-directed from other web pages. If the contents of the web page are really attractive, you don’t need to waste too much of your efforts in Search Engine Optimization.

Leveraging Social Media: Another idea is leveraging the social media to find blogs which accept guest posts, which follows. You can use followerwank software to scan twitter bios for a specific keyword, and sort it by the number of followers they have. More followers – More authority! Now you need to reach out to them and see if their blog which accepts guest posts. If they do – asking them to take your post would be sheer gold. Similar sites are twellow and wefollow, which helps you to find influences about a specific topic.

Make full use of Google services: Use the different services and applications like Google web-crawler, Google Analytics to know how much traffic your website is generating. You can use Google AdSense service to sell certain dimensions on your page for some attractive advertisements.

Good Design of your website: Lastly, Google gives preference to well organized and well-designed pages. Keep good design in mind as you go, and much of the SEO will design itself.

Follow the above suggestions and generate more traffic to your website and gain a higher rank in the Search Engines.

Mehul Kumar

For the last 2 years I am employed in this field of Article writing, Blog writing, Copy writing, Proof reading, Content development and Academic writing. I have successfully completed various works related to original and creative composition, which have been error-free and 100% as per my client's guideline.

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