Best Travel Apps for India

India is a country with great diversities. No it is not always easy to travel to different parts across India. To our rescue, we have some very good Android apps which will help you best in exploring the inner cores of this country.

Every popular app in a country may not be so useful when you move to some other country. So, here are some local apps which are quite a requirement when you are travelling across different nook and corners of India.

Uber / Ola cabs

Uber has started providing its services in India but it is not so wide-spread as Ola Cabs. Ola and Uber are biggest competitors in transport segment in India. Ola lets us choose between private cabs, government taxis, auto-rickshaws, etc. Uber facilitates the user to have inter-city rides in some parts of the country.

IRCTC Connect

All the Indian cities are well connected to with train routes. This stop is one-stop destination to book tickets directly from the IRCTC servers. Train journey is an integral part of travel experience in India. This app lets you book tickets, check schedules and give alerts prior to your train journey.


This app provides the best Air fares in the country, moreover, this app also provides localized discounts. MakeMyTrip is a premium portal for ticket booking in India. It works perfectly on mobiles as well as on desktops.

Other competitors of MakeMyTrip in the same segment are GoIbibo, ClearTrip, Via, etc which provides the same kind of services.


After train and flight, comes the turn of a bus. Buses are one of the most convenient modes of travel when it comes to inter-city travel. Redbus is India’s premier bus booking service which operates across most of the tourist destinations in India. This app is very user-friendly and has most of the popular bus operators listed in its database. This app also supports e-tickets.

Oyo Rooms

The selling point of Oyo Rooms is a standardized experience anywhere you go to. All rooms have air conditioning, TV, clean linen, complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi and hygienic washrooms, complete with a complimentary toiletries kit.


Airbnb is a wonderful way to get and feel a new place through staying in someone’s house. This concept is called a homestay. This concept is very popular choice among the foreign tourists and travelers.


From 5-star hotels to the local ‘thelas’, Zoamto has featured everything in its enormous directory of Food joints. Zomato has a very well-categorized system to find whatever mood you are in. The reviews posted by the customers to narrow down your search.


Any business or service you need locally, whether it’s a doctor, a pharmacy, offices, or anything else, chances are that it’s listed on Justdial — a local directory of businesses that operates across all the major cities in India.


The Indian government has recently introduced an app that helps tourists make their way around the country, and we think it’s one of the best trip planning and organizing apps. Tripigator is beautiful, easy to use, and is full of handy information that can make your trip better. Its best part is its smart engine. Feed it your destinations, your interests, your budget, and it’ll smartly create an itinerary for you!


Triposo basically makes travel guides using publicly available information, like what you get from Wikipedia, WikiTravel, OpenStreetMaps, and more. All of that is brought together in one app, creating an easy way for you to navigate your trip. Triposo works completely offline as well, which is its biggest boon since you might not want to spend on international data charges. Overall, it’s a useful app to save money on your vacation.


In partnership with the Ministry of Tourism in India, AudioCompass has built a library of guided audio tours for several of the top tourist hotspots in the country. It has over a 1,000 points of interest, it works offline, and perhaps most importantly, it saves you the hassle of haggling with a local guide and trying to understand their thick accent. That said, most AudioCompass guides are paid.

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