iOS 9 speculation & specifications

Once again, Apple announced a major milestone this fall … Read what will bring us all dear Apple.

September is the month of the new iOS 9 and the new iPhone. While the last-mentioned do not have too much detail, iOS already know a lot.

Apple immodestly say that this is “the most advanced mobile operating system”. Well, let’s look at:

A) Proactive Assistant

Based on the applications you’ve used, and based on that, when you use them, the assistant will tell you in advance what you should do next, or use. The application takes into account the location and if it deems that you are not working from home, will offer different proposals depending on whether you at home or at work.

Handsome examples that Apple introduced the example information from the traffic that will be offered after iOS 9 see that you have an appointment at the location.


B) Even smarter Siri

Siri by Apple in iOS, 9 even more accurate for 40%. Thus, in 40% more cases should get the correct answer to the question asked.

Siri can now browse the pictures and video files with respect to the location of her set. Siri and improved design, and can accommodate and advanced warnings such as. That is activated when you come to a certain location, etc.

C) Spotlight

Spotlight now occupies the entire screen, giving shortcuts and recommendations. Last visited applications and contacts communicate with most often will be in the spotlight. In addition, Spotlight searches will allow and obtain information about it which has an interesting nearby. Search results in sport and movies that are currently running is even easier.

All information provided by Spotlight will remain hidden from third application.

D) Split View

iPad Air 2 demonstrated the Split View, or running two applications at the same time. Split View should support even release videos while you work in another application.

Unfortunately the Split View will be available only on the iPad Air 2, and will slide over function will be available on the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3.


E) Improved Apple Maps

Apple Maps finally obtained and the ability to obtain instructions on how you can get around using public transport.

For now, though only cities in the United States and China.


F) The method of low energy consumption

If you stay a few amperes in the battery, you will be able to include a way to low energy. This method is not much different from Samsung’s “Ultra power save mode”. By running the same extinguish unnecessary processes to save energy and allows a few extra hours on the phone.

G) Notes and News

Apple notes that users will take to enable options that have so far had more advanced applications notes. It will now be possible to paint, draw, record and otherwise record the relevant information. Even it will be possible to put in the notes and information from Safari and Apple Maps.

Apple News is a new application that should be most similar to Flip board. The application will provide news noting that most interests you and what your preferences. Unfortunately will be available in the first phase only in the US, UK and Australia.

Well … this is Apple users expected in the fall. Some things are a matter of time before Apple resolved, and some news purely cosmetic in nature and in the Android M.

Regarding compatibility, we commend the efforts of Apple to allow iOS 9 to all users who are unable to obtain and iOS 8th So … iPhone 4S,  will also get iOS 9! Bravo Apple! Of course, may not be available all the options that come with iOS 9, but will be a lot of things updated.

DO NOT miss the end …

In the end we will mention a couple of nice things that we noticed, but that did not pose too much. The keyboard will also undergo minor changes and will as you write in lowercase display lowercase letters.

Applications are becoming less and those with devices that have only 8 or 16 GB will be happy to hear that the applications from the App Store coming reduced. Practically, you will download only those bits that you need.


Set receive search engine and if you forgot how to light a LED light for notifications, what’s happening “LED” in the search engine.

Replay Kit is an option that allows you to capture the screen for each application so you can show how you’ve played a game and release the tape.

New font: Apple iOS 9 brings  new official font – San Francisco.

You may be able to extinguish all the vibrations in the mobile phone, by notification to those for the alarms, putting silent mode completely. Notification Center comes in tablets with a horizontal interface that displays more information.




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