iPad is Not Going To Sleep With Cover

On your iPad, you’ll no doubt have noticed the little black button at the top right-hand corner of the device. You’re probably already aware of this, but just in case you aren’t, that’s your iPad sleep and wake button.

There aren’t too many hardware buttons on your iPad, but this is one of them – and it’s used, as the name suggests, to put your iPad into sleep mode or to wake it up again. You can also use it to reboot your iPad, and this can be done simply by holding it down for a few seconds, or if your iPad freezes the same action can be applied.

Your iPad will also go to sleep if you have a Smart Cover with a magnetic snap cover; once this is shut your iPad will go to sleep.

Common Problems with the sleep / wake functionality

A number of people have reported having problems with their iPad Smart Cover sleep/wake function. There are several potential causes of this issue;

Is your iPad in its case correctly?

The most common problem if your iPad is not sleeping properly is that it has not been inserted into its case correctly. The sleep / wake functionality works via a magnet inserted into the covers lid (front cover). If this doesn’t line up correctly with the magnetic sensor in the iPad then the function won’t work correctly.

Has the sleep / wake function been disabled?
Your iPad will allow you the option of turning the sleep / wake function off and on as you wish. To check whether you have mistakenly de-activated this function please follow the steps below;

  • From the Home screen tap ‘Settings’.
  • This will should automatically open up in the “General” options, but if not simply tap “General” in the left hand side options.
  • In the 4thblock of General options you will see “iPad Cover Lock / Unlock” option.
  • If this is set to “Off” it means that the Sleep / Wake function has been disabled. Simple slide this across into the “On” position to activate. Press the Home button to return


If you find that the iPad 2 does not display the iPad Cover Lock / Unlock option in the General Settings please don’t be alarmed. This is simply because your iPad has not been inserted into a Smart Cover before. Once you have put your iPad into the cover the first time, this option will automatically be available to you.

Case and iPad Model doesn’t match

If you have an iPad 3 or iPad 4 but are using the Smart Cover designed for an iPad 1 or 2, there is a chance that the sleep / wake function will not work, the reason for this is down to the polarity of the magnet in the lid that activates this function.

In the earlier iPad cases, it did not matter which way magnet faced when it was inserted into the Smart Cover as the magnetic sensor in the iPad 1 and 2 are not polar sensitive. Due to problems with the iPad going into sleep mode when the Smart Cover lid was flipped behind the device, Apple decided to fit polar sensitive magnetic sensors to the iPad 3 which were carried forward into the design of the iPad 4. Therefore, unless the magnet has been placed the correct way up for the more recent iPad sensors, the function will not work.

Also, it’s worth remembering too that if your iPad is left inactive it will automatically go to sleep after the allotted time selected in the settings.

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