Knowing the new in android version (lollipop)

The latest or the word update means the newer version. This version called as “lollipop” has fastest processing speed with big screen and smart application choices. This version covers the gap of devices in a sense that you can switch from one device to other. Simply by shifting from devices and connecting them. Shifting songs from mobiles to other devices even on the remote watches.

Moreover addition to new version gives more instant use to fluid transmission of functions. It is easy to use with access to many applications at a time. The processor speed of 2GB plus support this version and it works lag free. It makes interaction easier by putting options for the contact list. You can interact by simply looking at the contact list that pops-out to the open window. Recent call log will be the next option and six recent contacts will be upon it.

The Focus Feature:


We all have emails, we use them regularly but somehow we forget to check the inbox that suits right side of the screen. This version put the option of g-mail opened already on the screen you can watch the mail and as well as check for the inbox at a glance. There is no need of clicking or even thinking that the mail could have come.

 Dealing things the way you want:

We all love customization or arranging things in our order. Making our personalized mobile our way we feel satisfied and happy. Dealing things the way you want. This version helps you customize your setting and operate your mobile to a certain way that valuable and important notification takes your attention. You can easily customize settings by simple using screen settings and adjusting the relative applications for use.

Technology is increasing rapidly and maneuvering our way of living and symbolizing our way to generalize things. What we can see here regarding to the topic it is efficient in battery consuming. The features did increased but with the lowest battery consumption. This version gives the edge of lowest use of battery with vital running options. This version gives you the exact time of battery charging you can charge that for exact time and many put it on alarm a beep that declares the charging time.

How this is more secure?


This version gives you the maximum security or ways to protect you data. This mode is known as guest user mode. This helps you create multiple accounts that your closed one have and they can easily log in on your device. This means a way to protect your data even if someone hacks it. The other eye catching feature used here is android smart lock which pairs with any device even your car and it requires a pass code to work. These amazing features in lollipop version enable users to update and feel the newer version as their personalized way.



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