Which is better: Laptop or Notebook?

This is a very common state of mind which create a conflict in the thoughts of the person when he decides to buy a laptop or a notebook. The entire decision making process is completely different. Many companies may call a small and a portable device as a notebook. However, before buying, you should understand the difference between a laptop and a notebook.

First, let’s understand what a laptop is. Laptop is a portable computer which performs the same function as that of a desktop computer. The weight of a laptop ranges from 3 pounds to 18 pounds.

Now, a Notebook. Notebook is a personal computer which is designed to be light-weight. The notebook usually weighed between 5-6 pounds and it is sized enough to fit a backpack or a briefcase. The notebooks are mainly for entrainment purpose and less for business purpose. They are handy is size but they hardly have a replaceable hard disk or peripheral.

Laptop vs Notebook

Since, both of them are designed to be portable. Both of them have certain differences which can help us determine which one is better option which will meet your requirements. We will consider certain parameters to figure out our differences

DVD Drive

  • Laptops have integrated DVD drive.
  • A notebook does not have an integrated DVD drive. An external connection is required to run a DVD on a Notebook.


  • Laptops are mainly manufactured by Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, etc.
  • Notebooks are mainly manufactured by Apple, Sony, Samsung, etc.


  • Laptops have RAM ranging between 1 GB to 8GB
  • Notebooks have smaller memory than laptops. However, high-end laptops have a better memory.

Cooling and ventilation

  • A laptop has in-built fans which are designed to adjust the cooling capacity of the device depending upon the usage.
  • Since, the processors of the notebook is significantly low, notebooks are not bundled with high cooling capacities.

Screen Size

  • Laptops have the screen size ranging from 12 inches to 19 inches in the viewing area.
  • Notebook screen sizes are ranging from


  • Laptops are basically designed to replicate the power and the performance of a desktop.
  • Notebooks are mainly built for entertainment purpose.

Other Considerations

The decision between a laptop and a notebook completely depends on your own requirements. You should also keep in mind that many peripherals can be connected to the laptop as it has 3-4 USB ports. The case is not the same with the notebook as it has lesser number of USB ports and hence less peripherals can be attached.

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