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Le Tv Le one screen


It just felt a LeTV Le One made of quality materials. The same is true for the screen which is very good. It is a 5.5-inch IGZO display with Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 dots (403 ppi) and is additionally protected by Corning  Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

The screen was developed in collaboration company AUO / Sharp, a built-in, advanced panel Self Refresh (PSR) technology, Full GFF lamination (reduced reflection of about 75%), resulting in clearer, sharper images with less battery consumption, which we could notice . Also, the brightness of the screen is quite good, 450 units so that the device can be used without problems and outdoors.

We mentioned how the device has virtually invisible left and right edges of the screen;  this is partly true because there is a rim size of 2.6 millimeters. There are two models – LeTV Le One Pro, which has an edge of 2.4 millimeters, and the largest slat Le Max with the edge of the almost invisible 1.6 millimeters.

The screen is certainly one of the strongest characteristics that can boast this smart aleck.


What we must immediately point out that this is the first device that we tested in the newsroom and working on new MediaTek  Helio 10 processor. More precisely – it is a new 64-bit and 8-core MT6795 MediaTek (Helio X10) to 2.2 GHz (Cortex-A53) with the Power VR G6200 graphics at 700 MHz.  We tried some video games and we have to say that we are very satisfied, so we believe that the speed of operation combined with excellent IGZO screen certainly appeals to gamers. Of course, the video games in more detail a bit later.

The model we got to test with 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory (for about 10 GB), and there is a model with 32 GB and 64 GB. This particular stress because you do not have to use a microSD card slot, so you are doomed to what you have in the device.

It is not difficult to conclude that battens Only One Smartphone has the power to throw. Literally we all flew around the screen, so we had no trouble. Very, very smooth…


We tried the camera on the Smartphone and were pleasantly surprised. Photos are very good and we believe that you will work with pleasure your favorite digital creations, you can see below. Some of the photos that we shot you can see below. We tried to work in poorly lit environments with LED flash and also we get very good pictures. Basically, this will be part of the appeal, and we believe that you will often use the front and rear camera.

The front is usually of 5 MP and wide-angle (90 degrees) so that you will be able to record with the team selfie excellent photos. The rear is also powerful, has 13 MP and captures 4K video at 30 frames per second (4K @ 30fps, 1080p @ 60fps, 720p @ 120fps). Basically, you will enjoy in this part, and we liked the applications and handling the camera, it is very simple, transparent and “logical”.

The cameras are certainly one of the “strongest” of parts of the device that the more you use much more you like 🙂 …

LeTV-Le-One-cam 1 LeTV-Le-One-cam 2 LeTV-Le-One-cam 3 LeTV-Le-One-cam 4 LeTV-Le-One-cam 5 LeTV-Le-One-cam 6

 Audio and video

Given that this is a multimedia smartphone with a strong focus on TV content, we expected to have a pretty good sound. And it has. We tried a couple of tracks and the sound is quite strong and clean, even has depth, but we cannot help feeling too for this kind of “video content” oriented Smartphone sound should be better (NXP smart PA TFA9897, Dolby Audio, LeHiFi Technology). Too bad he does not have two speakers. Of course, it can always get away with headphones.

As for watching videos, pleasantly are surprised. It seems that this IGZO screen very smoothly, “chews” the image, so it is a lot more lively and somewhat more fluid, so you get the feeling more comfortable viewing. We’ll remind you once again that the company places an emphasis on content, not on hardware and applications.

For this there is a special “LIVE” button, located on the bottom line of the front of the screen in the middle and through which you access directly to TV channels live, as well as “video on demand” content. We tried a handful of Chinese and other TV stations, some of which are displayed in Full HD so we have to admit that the images of them were very good. While watching a video, if you slide your finger on the right edge of the screen up / down volume control, and on the left side of the image brightness. TV channels will scroll by sliding the cloth to the left / right. Nice … 🙂

The operating system, additional applications

Battens Only One for the new Android 5.0.2 operating system on top of which is the company’s EUI interface (Leui). Somewhat reminds us of the one that has the Meizu and Xiaomi. I need to get used to the layout of icons, especially in the system settings. But what is more important to you information that everything works quickly and smoothly. I honestly do not remember that we are at any given time some jerk or slow down the work, it is obvious that the device is a perfect balanced between hardware / OS, which we love very much 🙂

Since some additional facilities the most interesting part of the media – LIVE TV, a strip, and you have a special screen to the left of the home screen, where you’ll find a handful of video content by choice. If you have some spare time, the countless channels and have fun, there are only…

I’m notification center is different. What we lack is the key to ending all applications at once, thus we must “click” one by one. However, when we had 20-odd active application device showed no signs of fatigue or slowing.

LeTV-Le-One-aplication 1 LeTV-Le-One-aplication 2  LeTV-Le-One-aplication 4 LeTV-Le-One-aplication 5 LeTV-Le-One-aplication 6


The first thing we have to mention as far as connectivity is certainly a new reversible USB 3.1 Type B port on the bottom of the device. Its advantage is that the speed is higher than that of the older generation USB ports, a flaw it is that you can not use the old cable. In fact, this is the entrance to “reversible” so that the cable can turn as you want until the contact is in the middle larger. To use this entrance to the microUSB input is reversible, while at the other end of the classic USB port.

Of course LeTV Le One supports 2G / 3G / 4G network (2G GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz 3G WCDMA 850/900/1900 / 2100MHz, TD-SCDMA: B34 / 39, 4G FDD – LTE 1800/2100 / 2600MHz , TDD-LTE: 38/39/40/41), as well as Wi-Fi 802.11ac / a / b / g / n dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), and supports both Wi-Fi hotspot, APT X technology, GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.1,

What to him, at first glance, missing the NFC, but somehow we do not even bother … 🙂


The manufacturer is in this model with a lithium-ion battery of 3000 mAh, which cannot be changed. The combined work will endure for about two days (Internet, social networks, phone, playing video games). We’ve also noticed that the battery is pretty well kept and in video games, which we were pleasantly surprised.

With the exception of video games, the battery could last for three days. Otherwise, the waiting will last quite long, about ten days and more. Of course, everything depends on the user and how many and which services are used simultaneously, or are inflamed. What you will certainly love the support for Quick Charge 2.0, and support for fast charging.

Video games

Since LeTV Le One for the new Media Tek Helio X10 processor, lively us to know how they will behave video games. And we must acknowledge that we are once again pleasantly surprised. We were expecting to video games might work pretty well and that’s what we got. We opted for the smaller and more graphic harder addresses:

  • Fantasy Pinball HD – excellent pinball on Android that you must try. As expected the game works great, with a little warm-up.
  • Modern Combat 5 – excellent first-person shooter, something similar to Call of Duty, but a little different 🙂 The game runs smoothly, heat bearable.
  • Real Racing 3 – and today the best racing simulation on the Android platform. Graphic is very demanding and is a real test for tablet devices. The game works perfectly, warming again bearable.

As expected, the LeTV Le One is a true multimedia device. Except for watching videos and TV’s great and used for playing video games on the also excellent 5.5 inch screen.

Benchmark tests

And some benchmark figures. It turned out that this condition is very stable and fast in practice, but we wanted to know whether this trend to follow and figures a few tests that we tried. And indeed it turned out to LeTV Le One shot of power so it is not surprising that we worked really well.

Here benchmark figures of LeTV Le one:

– AnTuTu 5-50210 points

– Geekbench 3-909 points (single core) – 4717 points (multi-core)

– QuadrantStandard – 20480

– Vellamo – 1330 (Browser), 2120 (Multicore), 3196 (Metal)

– AndeBenchPro – 7634

When testing the device warmed up, as expected, but again this is not an exaggeration. We expected higher heating that never came, as well.

AnTuTuAnTuTu 1   Vellmano   Quadrant StandardGeekbench 3


Battens Only One is a different smartphone, we certainly felt using it daily. Fully us clear its multimedia orientation and in fact its purpose. If you are a TV and film buff, this is the device that will serve very well. Of course, the video game.

It is not difficult to conclude that the company wanted to make a quality device that will last, because with respect to all the services that are built into it is expected that you will not use it more often than any other smart phone. He feels stronger emphasis on TV programs, but unfortunately you do and you will not be able to use because it is flooded with Chinese TV stations, films, TV series … but one can find some things in English. Since we are not Chinese, we get better and more reliable device that has a handful of TV programs that do not understand 🙂

But the quality is definitely on the side of the device. The screen is great, the device works very smoothly and in line (new Helio X10 processor), and fans of video games will also enjoy the large 5.5 inch screen. Cameras and sound are also something that you love to use because they work great.

We like the new USB 3.1 Type C reversible input that is faster, even though this may in practice and we are not so experienced. But it is important to say to support this new technology. On the other side does not support NFC, but I will not miss. And the battery is very solid, and speaker who is trying to provide you with the best possible audio enjoyment, even if only one.

Are there any disadvantages? There is probably no. But mention the back of a smooth plastic, which can be slippery, only one speaker and a handful of Chinese content that does not mean much. But pile that you can delete.

LeTV Le One  Smartphone – key features:

– DISPLAY: 5.5 inch IGZO screen Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, Gorilla Glass 3

– Processor: 64-bit and 8-core MediaTek MT6795 (Helio X10) to 2.2 GHz (Cortex-A53)

– GRAPHICS: PowerVR G6200 at 700 MHz

– RAM: 3 GB

– Data storage: 16/32/64 GB

– Camera: 5 MP front (wide-angle 90 degrees), 13 MP (4K @ 30fps, 2-tone LED flash, auto focus, optical image stabilization, geo-tagging, …)

– OS: Android 5.0.2 Lollipop + EUI interface (Leui)

– Battery: 3000 mAh

– Dimensions: 147.9 x 73.5 x 9.5 mm

– WEIGHT: 177 grams

– Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G, GPS (A-GPS), GLONASS, USB 3.1 Type B, 3.5 mm headphone jack, TV.



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