LeTV Le One (X600)


New LeTV Le one of us has won its stable operation, a new processor, a very good camera and good price. In this device, you can seriously and for a long time to count.

 LeTV Le One (X600) Smartphone – basic features:

  • 5.5 – inch screen HD
  •  MediaTek Helio X10
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 16/32/64 GB of internal memory
  • Camera 5 MP and 13 MP
  • Android 5.0
  • Battery 3000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 147.9 x 73.5 x 9.5 mm
  • Weight 177 grams
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G, GPS, GLONASS, Dual SIM, USB Type – C …

This is a new LeTV Le One Smartphone (call it even and LeTV One LeTV Le 1, LeTV Le 1 X600, …), which we announced a few months ago, and which are promoted with two interesting features that other models do not have almost do not have edges around the screen (left and right), and a brand new USB Type – C standard.

There is an interesting story about how they created these phones because it is a company that has no connection to Smartphone’s. Yet they felt to be part of the revenue could “sting” and in the mobile market, not only in sales, but the device itself and in combination with other services of which earn an enormous amount of money.

Who is LeTV?

Leshi Internet Information & Technology, better known as LeTV (Leshi TV), the largest company in China with online video and entertainment. It was created in November 2004 in Beijing, and its founder Jia Yueting, otherwise its current CEO, and is also known as “China’s Steve Jobs.” How much the company is strong is the fact that they have 5,000 employees, and only the last 2014 years of its entertainment and online services have earned 1.6 billion US dollars. Monthly has about 400 million users. Within the company’s LeTV and film-production company LeVision Pictures. Otherwise, in its portfolio have approximately 100,000 series and 5,000 films.

Having as march announced its new smartphones, mid-April, the market and introduced its first model – LeTV One, One Pro and Max. But, as we said, the company does not want to just sell devices, but more than that. According to the vice general manager, lath-and JD Howard, the Smartphone market is stagnating – although they appear new, better and more powerful models, nothing happens again. It is considered as the next step in the development of Smartphone’s emphasis on content and not on the applications and hardware.

How are they imagined we will try to visualize our review that just starts …

Let’s look first at the box …

We will make the first unboxing light and poke as everything is in a nice white box. Next to the LeTV Le One (X600) Smartphone we found you additional transparent mask, a box with instructions and “needle” to open the SIM card slot, and the charger and USB cable with a Type – C reversible entrance.


LeTV design

The external appearance of the simplest terms – well, simple. The model we got to test the white color, it refers to the front of the eye screen and rear plastic cover. The frame is metal, very sturdy and silver. What is certain is that this is one of the stronger and more robust devices that we had in our hands. It seems to us that it’s very good workmanship and in it nothing stands out and clattering.

What we have announced presenting this device is virtually invisible edges on the left and right sides of the screen. From the front you with a big “phablet” screen to find the front camera, and below the illuminated capacitive keys. Behind the top of the camera, then two-tone LED flash that is visible under the logo of the company.

On the left edge is the key to increase and decrease the volume, and something that we have not yet seen – an extra button which “locks” the possibility of enhancing and mute the ringing smartphone (mute key). On the left edge of the button for switching on and off, and a slot for an SIM card. Yes, supports dual SIM. At the upper edge we find the 3.5 mm headphone jack and infrared port (IR), which is always beneficial because the device can also serve as a remote control for the TV, stereo, air conditioning and other appliances. On the bottom sides of the speaker (right), microphone (left) and USB Type C in the middle.

The whole moldings Only One device at all edges rounded, while the rear cover is also slightly convex towards the outside, so that it is comfortable to grip. All in all, it is very comfortable to hold in your hand, and would be even more enjoyable when the rear plastic cover would not be smooth and shiny, because as such it acts a little slippery in the hand, and attracts fingerprints, which however, will not see because of the white color. Our impression is that the hands have a very robust device that exudes confidence. If you are interested in dimensions, here they are – 147.9 x 73.5 9.5 mm and weight is 177 grams…


More about the specifications of LeTV Le One we will update tomorrow 🙂 …

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