LG mobiles G4 the new air

LG has been renowned for making best electrical appliances. We have been seeing manufacturing of televisions and updating them to LCDs and later to LEDS. The company has potentially moved into making speakers now days called portable or Bluetooth speakers. We see fabulous designs and up gradation in televisions. Well this company has also opened its account into mobiles too. The great generation of mobiles was able to carry attention of viewers.

What are we here to discuss?

Released on April 2015, this sensation gives users the satisfaction they want with great features establishing loyalty among users and making an impression of emerging in mobile markets. This mobile has up gradation to latest android version of lollipop existing. LG mobiles have been improving since this generation of mobile was able to hit great markets.

What is great for users?



Now days there are a trend of taking “selfies”. People like to take this kind of stills often and mostly the secondary camera is in use. Well this phone provides you with exclusive features. It has 16 MP rear sensor and 8 MP front sensor. Both cameras have auto-focus and image stabilization.  These new cameras features have high resolution images with zoom in capacity to see clearer of the things. Moreover for best selfies you need colors in it. There has been an enhancement in colors before than ever. Contrast has increased with the addition of more color space. The display screen is 5.5 inches longer which gives a wider focus and enlarge image size. For taking those thousands of selfies and photos you need a good memory and this phone can support  two Terabytes of memory card with the addition of removable option.

Some other features to highlight:

The QUALCOMM processor helps this mobile to support the up grading android versions to support and work lag free. Thus having a long life for users. The battery size has been increased to 3000 mega hertz. This makes it more long lasting and with the potential for large battery life. Making it important this battery is removable too. For the customization the external access makes it easier. You can have leather covers of different colors mostly mustard, red or gray to make it look the way you want to.

What future can be predicted?

These amazing phones have the best adaptability and latest up grades. Applying different applications and making lag free use, this mobile can take you the way you wanted. Customizing it and making it easier for the users. Its competitors like apple and Samsung has made a great share of market but this phone has better performances over them but the reason that highlights here is trend. Trend of LG mobiles. People see LG for appliances like televisions and computer monitors. For improving sale LG company has to do a major portion of advertisement and then can be a chance to make users to move to this LG invention.



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