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Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is also called cost per click, is an Internet advertising model which is used to generate traffic on the website, and in turn the publisher gets paid by the advertiser. Making money online is the wish of every blogger but we all know that it is not easy as it seems to be.

The payout of ad publishers are different, ranging from a few cents to $15 for a single click. It sounds really good, but it is not too easy as mentioned earlier. This article deals with the Top Pay per Click Websites which you can join and start earning.

  1. Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is undoubtedly the best advertising network that follows the pay-per-click advertising model. When Google Adsense was first launched, it was accepted by almost all websites having contents of over 100 pages. It pays high CPC rates for displaying ads on the websites and blogs. If you are a website owner, then you can earn money by displaying ads on your website. If you want to promote your website, Adsense has a large network of publishers. You can even show your ads on the Google Search Engine. The only hurdle which comes through your way is that getting Adsense approval is way too hard.


This is the Yahoo-Bing ad network which gives a fair idea of just how dominant the Google PPC network is. Internet giants like Yahoo and Microsoft had to combine their efforts and resources to get an alternative of the Google’s ad network. Medianet gives you relevant ads and sufficient tools by which you can track the real time performance of your ad. You can filter the ads abs even block the ad topics.

  1. Bidvertiser

If you don’t get an approval from Google Adsense or Media.Net, this will probably be your best alternative. This is probably the oldest advertiser which works well even on your blogs. The CPC rates are best as compared to the other small networks because it offers a POP Up, banners and various types of other advertising techniques. The CPC rates vary from 0.02 to $5. Overall performance is good if you have sufficient amount of traffic. Minimum amount of pay is $10 via PayPal.

  1. Infolinks

This PPC ad network is for those who already use one of the major PPC networks. Infolinks provides supplementary services as the ads are completely unobtrusive as they don’t have any standard banner space. Infolinks shows targeted ads for a relevant keyword from your content. Getting approvals is very much easy as only a few websites gets disapproved. Minimum pay-out is $50 via PayPal or wire transfer.

  1. Chitika Ads

Chitika is one of the most popular advertising networks which pays website owners for generating traffics directly from the search engines. Chitika has started some new ad formats such as in-text ads, list units, etc. The CPC rates offered by Chitika is a bit low as compared to Adsense. The main advantage of this services is that it has no particular requirement for approval. Even small websites and blogs can get the approval.

  1. Clicksor

This is the best alternative for in-text as well as banner ads. It is the best and popular platform for both advertisers and publishers. Clicksor divides the publishers into two groups on the basis of total impressions. The approval system is comparatively fast as compared to others. Minimum payout is $50 through PayPal.

  1. Affinity Ads

Affinity has made a good place in the advertising market. It has adopted several ways to for the publisher to earn more revenue for the website for implementation in Toolbar, in-text, search suggestions, widgets and such kinds of amazing implementations. It has a fast approval process. The keyword is based on targeted ads. Minimum payout is $50 via PayPal.

  1. PocketCents

PocketCents is a straightforward ad network which has fixed rates for PPC. It has sign up or upfront costs, but there is a restriction regarding page views per month. Publishers can earn money by plain-text, banners or video advertisements. Not much efforts is needed for maintenance of your ad. Minimum payout is $10mthrough PayPal.



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