Phone contacts not displayed in WhatsApp

Phone contacts not displayed in WhatsApp

Whatsapp messenger is an early stage technology startup which is a better alternative for the short message service (SMS). Whatsapp contacts are synced with one’s phonebook. This means that once you add a contact in your phone book and that person is a user of the whatsapp messenger, or was once a user; his or her contact is automatically added to your Whatsapp’s contacts list.


If a phone contacts not displayed in WhatsApp contact list, try using the following guidelines:

• Make sure all contacts in your phone book are visible.
• You have to be certain that you have your friend’s phone number.
• Your friend must be a user of the Whatsapp Messenger application.
• The Whatsapp Messenger does not sync with Facebook friends, hence you have to manually key in their phone numbers and save them in your phone book for Whatsapp to find them.
• Ensure that all your contacts have been imported from your SIM card to your phone book.
• Make sure that the version of the Whatsapp messenger application you are using is up to date.
• Try to refresh your contact list, or make them ‘visible’ and then ‘not visible,’ then launch the Whatsapp application> new chats icon> Menu Button> Refresh. You can also use all your contacts. This can be done by selecting the Menu Button> Settings> Contacts> Show all contacts.
Another reason why phone contacts not displayed in whatsapp  if you have bought phone or you have changed your phone number. This problem could arise if the country code of the contact is missing. This mostly happens for contacts from different countries and not for those from the same country.
To solve this problem, make sure that you have added the country code of that person correctly. Make sure to add a plus (+) sign before his or her number, then the country code then his or her phone number. Make sure to omit the number zero (0) at the beginning of the number.
You can also solve the problem of contacts not showing by checking if the Whatsapp application is being synced. To do this, by selecting settings> accounts sync and settings the look for the Whatsaap application and make sure that it is being synced. If not, tap on it and sync. This way, it will sync with all your phone contacts and they will be displayed.
At times, some of the contacts are shown without the names that you used to save them. The contact number is visible but the name is not. This could be as a result of contacts saved or synced from Google or an exchange server not synced appropriately. This is due to some legal reasons of whereby some contact information from sync sources, cannot be exposed to third party applications.
This way, you are able to view all the possible Whatsapp contacts in your phone book although there could be other problems that may cause your phone contacts not displayed in Whatsapp.

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