Professional Inline Skates Price in India

Inline Skates are also known as Rollerblades, which gained its popularity during 90’s. These inline skates are generally recommended for the people who have experience or professionals in skating. Because they are faster than roller skates & high responsive for the rider who is having good sense of balance and experience.

Most of these inline skates are adjustable, hence they are value for money, because no need of buying a new pair every time when foot size changes, particularly for children. These professional inline skates have 4,5 wheels aligned in a line. Within these inline skates there will be different variations which are available in the market, which includes speed limits, adjustable skating shoes, fixed skating shoes, skates which are designed for outdoor and indoor skating etc. Hence in this article we are going to discuss about the tips to be consider while buying inline skates, professional inline skates price in India and best inline skating brands in India.

ProductKey featurePrice in AmazonPrice in Flipkart
Nivia Super Inline SkatesCarbon steel ABEC-5 bearingsCheck Amazon PriceCheck Flipkart Price
Cosco Sprint Roller SkatesP.U.Wheels with ABEC-7 BearingCheck Amazon PriceCheck Flipkart Price
Nivia Cat Club Inline SkatesABEC-5 carbon steel bearingsCheck Amazon PriceCheck Flipkart Price
Cockatoo Stylish SkatesABEC-7 BearingsCheck Amazon PriceCheck Flipkart Price
Swagspin Ferrari Fk32High rebound PU wheelsCheck Amazon PriceCheck Flipkart Price
Kamachi High Quality In-Line SkatesMade up of steel chassisCheck Amazon PriceCheck Flipkart Price
Klapp Adjustable Inline SkateAbec-5 bearingsCheck Amazon PriceCheck Flipkart Price
Slyk Sterling Shield adjustable inline skateABEC-7 BearingsCheck Amazon PriceCheck Flipkart Price

Tips to be consider while buying a Best Inline skates

To narrow your focus and to make your selection easy, while choosing inline skates, some of the tips needs to be follow while going ahead, which includes:

  1. Proposed usage of skates
  2. Confirm your level of skating
  3. Which brand is best
  4. Budget of skates
  5. Your foot size

Best Inline Skating Brands in India

In our Indian market not many options or brands of skating shoes are available. Hence one should be careful while buying a perfect skating shoes which fulfils all your requirement, because Quality and safety matters a lot and are major concerns. Some of the top brands which are offering quality skating products in India are Nivia, Cosco, Kamachi and Jonex. And in these brands you will get different sizes and some of them are adjustable too.

Below given are some of the best professional inline skates which are available and trending in Indian market. These options will help you to choose the best one based on brand value as well as quality of skates.

Nivia Super Inline Skates

  • Nivia Super Roller Inline Skates was particularly designed for comfortable while using.
  • By using these skates, you will get fun skating experience.
  • It has carbon steel ABEC-5 bearings which will give you better precision with efficiency and added speed while skating.
  • These skates are having high durability because of having aluminum chassis
  • The sizes come under 36 – 39 Euro Skates
  • These skates don’t wear off easily because having polyurethane wheels of size 76mm
  • Provided with aluminum frames, adjustable in length
  • Built-in brakes at the rear of the skates

Cosco Sprint Roller Skates

  • These Cosco Sprint Inline Skates are imported inline skates, was best for the people who are in the intermediate level in skating
  • These skates will have designed in a way to control the speed of skates with a precision power transmission
  • These skates are having better power with stability, which allow you to skate with ease.
  • Low rolling resistance in these skates will ensures you to control the speed & maneuver them based on your convenience.
  • These skates are provided by secure and quick closure, with this you won’t trip while skating.
  • Having breathable shell and P.U.Wheels with ABEC-7 Bearing

Price: INR 2,850.00
Was: INR 3,650.00

Nivia Cat Club Inline Skates

  • Improvement in the muscle strength and body will be fit and flexible while Skating with Nivia Cat Club In-line Skates.
  • These skates will be so lightweight with strong frame and durable for long term usage
  • Nivia uses aluminum to construct them.
  • These skates are having ABEC-5 bearings, which are used for smooth and effortless skating without any problems.
  • These ABEC-5 carbon steel bearings will be very strong and resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • The wheels of these skates were made up of polyurethane, so because of that strength and durability to wheels will be increased.
  • Built-in brakes at the rear of the skates

Price: INR 2,657.00
Was: INR 4,275.00

Cockatoo Stylish Big wheels 90mm size large In-line Skates

  • These Cockatoo Stylish In-line Skates are used for all levels of skaters, intermediate level, training, advanced level and also for recreational Skates
  • Shoe Size will come from 39-42 Euro
  • These skates are ideal for, men, women and as well as experienced skaters also.
  • Available in both yellow and black color
  • Frame/Chassis were made up of Aluminium
  • Provided with ABEC-7 Bearings
  • Wheel Type was PU Wheels and wheel Size was 90
  • Brake Type was Toe Brake

Swagspin Ferrari Fk32 Original Inline Skates

  • These skates provided by super high rebound PU wheels which will hold up well when compared with the normal wear
  • They also provide great traction & control.
  • It can be expanded up to 4 different sizes
  • The outer shell is made up of high impact resistant PP Materials
  • PE Boot made up of Hard Boot Chassis
  • High Impact Resistant PP Wheel
  • Super High Rebound PVC Heels

Kamachi Aluminium Body High Quality In-Line Skates Large 

  • These skates are perfectly suitable for junior and senior
  • Kamachi Skates were made up of steel chassis which will provides you a smooth finish with a great comfort while skating.
  • It will provide you effective surface contact in between wheels and surface, because it was equipped with improved rubber.
  • These skates will improve the balance by ensuring better grip
  • You will feel better feel & comfort during skating with the help of skates straps.
  • Applicable for size is 39 cm to 41 cm
  • It has reliable performance with long lasting durability
  • Easy to use and carry as well as store
  • Ideal for all age groups

Price: INR 1,765.00
Was: INR 2,400.00

Klapp 100mm Wheel Size Adjustable Inline Skate

  • Klapp skates were made up with very good quality material, hence the durability is very long term
  • These skates are perfect for intermediate level, for training purpose, advanced level and for recreational purpose
  • The wheel size is 100 mm
  • The wheel material is made up of Rubber
  • These skates were used by both males and females
  • Outer frame/chassis were made up of Steel
  • These skates have abec-5 bearings
  • It has PU Wheel type with a wheel size of 80 and Toe brake type

Slyk Sterling Shield adjustable inline skate 

  • The boots of this skates are having soft shell along with Velcro Cinch strap & lever buckle across the top with built in liner
  • 100mm wheels
  • ABEC-7 Bearings
  • The frame of the skates was made up of top quality, aircraft grade polished aluminum chassis.
  • Black push button will be provided to the skates on side of frame for the purpose of easy adjustment
  • These skates are triskates which is having has 3wheels, one center wheel, this was pivot point, with this turning around the corner will be more easy, it will be same as a spinning of a coin. It becomes easy to turn, skate tighter corners.

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