How to Remove Google Search Bar in Android

One of the few irritating and annoying things about android is the Google Search Bar which pre-dominantly keeps on hanging at the home screen of your phone. Most of the Android users don’t even use this feature. The main reason behind this Search bar on the home screen is that Google wants to make us use the different services of Google as much as possible.

Now, what if you want to remove this irritating search bar, plastered on your home screen. Google desperately wants its users to use this service as Google Now is one of the most important part of Android phones in the recent releases.

Basically, there are two ways of removing the search bar without rooting the phone. Firstly, you can use some custom launcher like Go Launcher, etc and secondly, by disabling the Google Now, you can make the search bar disappear.

Let’s start with the first one, the Custom Launcher technique:

What a custom launcher does is, it customizes your home-screen. These apps lets you change the basic and the advanced features of the UI (User Interface) of your phone. Some of these UI tweaks can make your phone superior to the UI of iPhone and Windows. Now, what things you need to do in order to install these custom launchers. Like any other App on Android, you need to download these launchers from the Play Store. Some of the best custom launchers are Apex launcher, Nova Launcher, Aviate, each will kill off the search bar from your Android Home Screen.

Moving further, the second method basically comprises of rooting the Android device and using a custom ROM. Rooting is almost equal to jail breaking an iPhone. But unlike iOS, it does much more to the Android phone. The changes are mainly good and it leads to a very few problems.

One of the best benefits of rooting your Android phone is that it allow you to customize your ROM. A customized ROM is in a way a standalone version of Android. To install a custom ROM, you need to download it to a PC and mount it to your rooted handset via USB cable.

The main benefits of rooting your phone it that you lose most of the in-built Android tweaks which comes bundled to your phone. You can remove all the in-built Android installs and can customize it as per your needs. In the same accord, virtually all the custom ROMs will allow you to remove the Google Search Bar by simply detecting as any other home screen widget. So, you can consider this adventurous way to remove the Google Search bar by rooting your Android phone and customizing your ROM.

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