How to Remove Primary Email Account from Android

Every Android device that is available today in the market, has a primary email account. This account is meant for the user to access the different services which are provided by Google. When you set up your device, this account syncs’ in all the data present in your phone. In addition to the primary Gmail account, you can add secondary account to your device.

Now, suppose if you are selling your old android phone to somebody or you are gifting it to your near and dear ones, you will have a headache in removing your primary email id from your device. All in all, there is one big risk and it might be the last alternative, to delete all the data present in the device. Or the other option may be reset your device to the factory settings.

Now, first, let’s take into consideration the easier approach. This method involves deleting the entire cache memory from all your Google app and services. But this method takes a fair amount of time and you should clearly know which app data to delete and which app data to keep.

Let’s take the above approach step by step:

  • Go to Menu > Settings > Applications
  • Go to Manage Application
  • Select the All Tab
  • Find the Google App
  • Inside the properties of that App we have Clear Data option.
  • Click OK on the confirmation screen
  • Repeat the same step for Clear cache.
  • Now, in the Applications menu, go to Gmail app.
  • In the same manner, clear the data if the Gmail app and clear its cache memory also.
  • To the success of the entire process, in settings go to Data Synchronization tab. It will prompt you to enter the new Gmail account.

If the above thing doesn’t works, you should try the following steps:

  • Open the root explorer or any other file explorer.
  • Open data / system folder
  • Delete “accounts.db”
  • If the database (db) file is not available, go to data/system/sync and delete “accounts.xml”.

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