Significance of using hashtag on Facebook

Hashtag is a concept which was introduced by Facebook sometimes back.Hastags enables Facebook users to turn topics and phrases into links which can be clicked. This has been significant to lots of people due to the fact that people can easily find post about topics which they are interested in.Using Hashtag is pretty easy, all you need to do is place # before a post.For example top10mobile #phones.


Let us explore the significance of using hashtag on Facebook.Hashtag has particularly been a boosting factor to businesses advertises their products. For example if a customer searches for a product or services using a hashtag, your page has a probability of appearing, mostly some of these page would have never been seen if there was no use of hashtag.

Hashtags have also boasted the ability of customers to access different suppliers /business offering certain types of product. By searching using the hash tag and relevant text, you will get all pages which are selling the named product. These has made Facebook to be interconnected with the concepts of business advertising in a great manner.

Not only are businesses benefiting from use of hashtag but also celebrities have gained more fans by use of hashtag. You can easily search for them using hashtag and get some of their post. Mostly it is important for celebrities to have lots of followers on social media site since they can provide information concerning their activities e.g. performance or release of a certain movie

Yet another significance of using hashtags on Facebook is that hashtags has enabled individual post to trend and have lots of followers. People can easily follow a particular post which has a hashtag. This means that lots of ideas will be left on the comment section. The hashtag could have been a query on technology or medicine and the different inputs of different people can lead to better ideas of how to solve certain challenges.


When considering personal posts, hashtag have been used by groups of friends to share opinions on a particular subject. E.g. trip to #Australia. Friends who maybe were involved in the trip can share their inputs concerning the trip. This makes it easier even to post associated photos or also experience .Without this, they probably post on someone wall and this may be totally inappropriate

The concept of hashtag has been used by different groups in sharing post on social media in an easier manner. Hashtag basically offer a platform through which people can share a post on related topic in a faster and efficient manner.It is always very appropriate to use hashtag when sharing a post to a group of people and it is most likely to get lots of comments.

When using hashtag though you should ensure that  hashtag should be written as a single word without any spacing, some special characters e.g. $ cannot be used.You can search for any hashtag by use of the search bar at the top of the page, you only have the ability to see post which were shared  with you.

Hashtags in Facebook have enjoyed a significant level of success, though this cannot be compared to other social sites eg twitter.But people some how can make use of the significance of using hashtags on Facebook to get more exposure,likes,followers and information.



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