Specifications of the new Samsung Galaxy s6

Samsung Galaxy S6 screen

There’s no sign that Samsung is ditching Super AMOLED in its screens, so we expect that to make a return in the Galaxy S6.

The resolution will likely get a boost though, as Samsung has already revealed the 2560 x 1440 Galaxy Note 4 and even among smaller screen sizes there’s the equally QHD Galaxy S5 LTE-A in South Korea, so we expect the Galaxy S6 to have a resolution at least that high.

In fact Samsung has previously said that it hopes to have smartphones with 4K 3840 x 2160 displays on the market by 2015. It’s possible then that the S6 will leapfrog 2K and go straight to 4K, but with an early 2015 launch expected we’d be surprised.

More likely Samsung will save that for the Galaxy Note 5… plus, surely, that’s getting to the point of just too many pixels in a phone screen?

In any case, SamMobile claims it’s likely to launch with a QHD screen, so with few other rumors around that’s looking the most likely. A second report from Chinese site cnmo.com featured a supposed AnTuTu benchmarking result from the Galaxy S6 that confirmed the display was a 2,560 x 1,440 QHD affair.

Either way, the Samsung Galaxy S6 may have a slightly bigger screen than the Galaxy S5. The company has slowly been increasing the size of the screens on its flagships and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Galaxy S6 were to push things up by another 0.1 or 0.2 inches to 5.2 or 5.3 inches. Samsung may decide to go all the way up to 5.5-inches, given the Google Nexus 6 has launched with a 6-inch screen.

If Samsung can shrink the bezel then it could probably even achieve that without increasing the phone’s footprint. On the other hand the Note 4 is no bigger than the Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung’s going to want to keep its two premium brands differentiated, so maybe it will decide that 5.1 inches is the sweet spot.


There’s also a chance that the Galaxy S6 might have a flexible display. Samsung has been looking at this sort of technology for a while and has even recently launched the Galaxy Note Edge: a version of the Note 4 where the screen curves down one side, so it’s possible.

Others have been keen to push this idea, with the rumours that the Note Edge was supposed to feature the dual-bend design, but it was shelved and pushed the to Galaxy S6. It would certainly boost the brand’s presence on the shop shelves.

The curved screen idea has also been pushed by South Korean news outlet Daum, which goes on to predict a 2560 x 1440 resolution (the same as the Galaxy Note 4) and a Snapdragon 810 processor.

But we doubt Samsung would equip its flagship with such an untested technology, so we’d expect the S range to stick with a flat screen for at least one more year.

On the other hand we might see both a flat and curved version, much like with the Note 4. Rumors from SamMobile suggest that’s exactly what will happen, with the Galaxy S6 sporting a flat display and a separate Galaxy S6 Edge being launched alongside it, though SamMobile’s source has since backtracked on that particular theory.

GforGames also claims we’ll see two versions of the handset, with the Galaxy S6 Edge being a limited edition, with an apparent sales forecast of ‘just’ 10 million units during 2015.

We can believe it would happen if it was just one variant and it would be cool if the S6 had a bendy screen – something different from the continuously-similar rectangular designs, right?

Recently we’ve heard from Samsung HD Blog that both edges of the Galaxy S6’s display might be curved, though apparently not in the same way as the Galaxy Note Edge, which may mean more subtle curves.

Though there are now reports that while Samsung is apparently prototyping versions of the S6 with both one curved edge and even two curved edges the company hasn’t decided which if either of them it will launch.

Samsung Galaxy S6 power

With Android Lollipop here and bringing 64-bit support with it we fully expect the Galaxy S6 to have a 64-bit processor.

As for which processor specifically that’s still rather up in the air, but traditionally it’s been equipped with a Snapdragon chip of some variety and both the Snapdragon 808 and Snapdragon 810 are expected to start appearing in devices during the first half of 2015, so one of them seems likely.

The Snapdragon 808 is a six-core 64-bit processor with support for 2K screens, while the Snapdragon 810 is an octa-core 64-bit chip which can power screens of up to 4K resolution.

This includes an Adreno 430 GPU, which is said to be 30% faster than the Adreno 420, so either way it should be in for a boost in terms of gaming and general screen flutterings.

Though it’s always possible that it will stick with the Snapdragon 805 that’s found in the Galaxy Note 4 and now rumored for the HTC One M9 and Sony Xperia Z4 – but come on Samsung, surely you’ll go harder than that?

After all, there’s a strong Exynos chip in the Galaxy Alpha, so perhaps Samsung will go for its own chip design for the next flagship.

In fact that’s exactly what SamMobile is reporting, claiming that the Galaxy S6 will launch with a 64-bit octa-core Exynos 7420, though apparently there’ll also be a Snapdragon 810 variant, mirroring the same CPU variants for different markets seen on the Galaxy S4 and S5.

The report from SamMobile has been echoed by cnmo.com, which reports that the Galaxy S6 will use a 64-bit octa-core Exynos processor with an ARM Mali-T760 GPU.

There’s no word on how much RAM it will have, but a 64-bit processor works well when imbued with north of 4GB, so Samsung should be looking to get the best out of its new devices’ power range.

Having said that the Galaxy S5 only has 2GB of RAM and even the Galaxy Note 4 has stuck with 3GB, so we’d be surprised if the S6 had more than 4GB – and lest we forget, specs for the sake of specs is never a good thing.

Still, Samsung is reportedly now mass producing 4GB RAM modules for mobile devices, which are designed to be both faster and more power efficient than existing ones, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they made their way in to the Galaxy S6.

Performance could be given an additional boost in the Samsung Galaxy S6 as reports from South Korea point towards a new type of flash memory which may find its way into the handset.

UFS (short for Universal Flash Storage) provides enhanced data speeds and power consumption savings of up to half compared to the previous generation of memory.

Speaking of storage, SamMobile reckons the Galaxy S6 will come in 32, 64 and 128GB variants, presumably with a microSD card slot.

Samsung Cosmic system S6 cam

One of the foremost timely System S6 newsy tidbits indicated a 20mp cam, up from 16mp within the World S5. Samsung’s perpetually concerning a lot of and larger thus this seems affordable.

As per Etnews the System Note four was ab initio progressing to have a 20mp detector but Samsung born it to 16mp (the report extremely says 12mp, nevertheless we have a tendency to currently understand that’s wrong) to stay it skinny whereas until now as well as Office of Intelligence Support, but the organization can rather utilize the 20mp detector on the globe S6 clearly.

What it does not say is whether or not the S6 so we exclude Office of Intelligence Support or will not be all that skinny, since finding for a few hidden that means one or the opposite is liable to be true. Truth be told at eight.5mm thick the Note four is as of currently somewhat fatter than the globe S5, thus if the Cosmic system S6 will get Office of Intelligence Support then its liable to place some weight on similarly.

Sammobile does not wholly can not help contradicting the higher than newsy tidbits, nevertheless figures Samsung still hasn’t chosen a sixteen and 20mp snapper.

Samsung System S6 totally different peculiarities

There square measure a few of things that we are able to be extremely sure that the globe S6 will incorporate. Samsung has been putt its distinctive finger impression scanner on varied telephones and tablets thus we’re sure the S6 can twig similarly.

In like manner it’ll possibly hold the center rate screen from the Cosmic system S5, since that’s in addition been incorporated on the globe Alpha and also the Samsung Universe Note four.

We fully expect a microsd card area similarly, following the Cosmic system S vary has perpetually incorporated one and we’d be exceptionally astonished within the event that it wasn’t water and mud safe, since the Universe S5 is and evacuating a useful peculiarity like that seems to be not possible.

Despite the actual fact that not the Note four or the System Alpha is, thus its conceivable that the Universe S6 will not be either.

We might likewise see the Samsung World S6 acquire a proportion of the new gimmicks that are supplementary to the Universe Note four, for instance, fast charging, Associate in Nursing ultraviolet light detector and multi-directional receivers.

Something that’s inconceivable nevertheless has in any case been purported may be a tissue layer scanner, as Samsung has declared to be taking a goose at iris recognition. clearly such engineering could nowadays be substantially how off nevertheless and we’re not all that persuaded we’ll see one within the Cosmic system S6.

Given we do not have a clue a couple of ton concerning the new World S6 straight away, here square measure the key things we predict Samsung should hurl in there to create it a thundering action, rather than Associate in Nursing ordinary lemon:

A superior body

It would be affordable to mention that the mark back board on the S5 wasn’t typically welcome. everyone has been shouting out for one more set up within the Universe S arrangement for a few time currently, nevertheless Samsung apparently hasn’t been calibration in.

A S6 with a metal unibody and a premium ambience would be a possible swarm entertainer. within the event that Associate in Nursing overhaul is on the cards, why not take it additional and attempt for one more structure variable? Another premium profile might invigorate the extent and build it feel exceptional yet again.

Given that the Samsung Cosmic system Alpha and Samsung Universe Note four have a lot of premium forms its possible that the globe S6 can similarly, nevertheless we have a tendency to trust it goes all-metal rather than merely pressing during a metal casing.

A 2k presentation

Nobody is galvanized by 1080p any all the a lot of, not once 4k Tvs square measure within the retailers. we have a tendency to would not are stunned to visualize a 2560 x 1440 constituent determination on the S5, but it seems QHD displays weren’t ready for clock time another time toward the beginning of 2014.

It’s all amendment currently but, with the globe Note four and LG G3 each pressing 2k screens, thus something in need of what a QHD show within the S6 are going to be slightly of a discontentment. Merely verify it does not hurt the battery whereas you are grinding away, Samsung.

A 64-bit processor

Maybe the absence of a 64-bit processor within the S5 was Associate in Nursing acknowledgement that there are not various points of interest nevertheless, or presumably it had been Associate in Nursing announcement concerning not duplicating Apple.

Regardless, paying very little heed to profits saw and real, sixty four may be a larger range than thirty two thus it should be higher, and if our companion’s iphone has one, within the event that you simply do not place one within the S6 we’re not buying it. The ascension news is that with the up and returning automaton L supporting 64-bit processors its conceivable that the Cosmic system S6 can benefit.

While you are there, for hell’s sake embrace a lot of Smash – 2gb is deficient to meet the leading edge requests of multi-tasking, significantly just in case you are try for a 64-bit chip.

An filmable define

Keep in mind that advert wherever the gentleman overlays his phone resolute pill size? that might be a real cut of cooked gold and we’ve detected Samsung encompasses a collapsing model as of currently. Fizzling that, a squidgy, bendy phone that may take differing kinds of hurt and are available back to its distinctive form unstained would be pleasant.


Squeezy controls might bring a crisp material part to mobile phone proprietary. In any event we have a tendency to anticipate that ability can convey a lot of noteworthy strength and new potential shapes, nevertheless it’s improved than the Samsung Universe spherical. Samsung’s typically correct with the Universe Note Edge, thus we’re anticipating the subsequent venture in bent and bendy screens.

A larger battery

We can hold the whole lot of mankind’s accomplishments in one hand, aiming to the bulk of our explorative info, and our most outstanding centerpieces, but only for a few of hours on finish.

We need larger batteries, improved force administration, and faster remote charging. The 2,800mah battery within the S5 could also be a small venture up from its ascendant, nevertheless it’s a further zero.1 of an in. of screen to power. you are swimming stroke, Samsung. Free North American nation from the each day charge.

An finish to bloatware

Nobody desires a Samsung-marked application that will exactly identical issue as a current Google application, simply a lot of too bad. we have a tendency to in addition expect a contrivance recorded as 16gb to own over 10gb free. the times wherever automaton was harsh and ready and Touchwiz actually enclosed quality square measure gone.


Stock automaton is sleek and delectable, Kitkat desires no adornment and automaton L as of currently resembles a chic and velvety desert to our school starved stomachs. now could be the perfect time to tone it down slightly.

A nice try of stereo speakers

Tragically there is just one speaker on the S5. We might like to not have to be compelled to wear earphones or attach speakers perpetually. it is a mobile phone. The HTC One plainly showed the profits of double front-confronting speakers. Sony detected it, in lightweight of the very fact that the Z2 and Xperia Z3 have them in addition.

Screens are sufficiently huge to observe motion photos with companions currently. What concerning transferrable that sound quality up to scratch? an honest set of stereo speakers within the S6 would be invited by everyone.

A Spot chip

Wi-Fi is not usually accessible and transportable data may be high-priced, therefore streaming tunes from the cloud or net radio may be dubious and restrictively expensive. FM radio is by all accounts quickly vanishing from cell phones and therefore the quality is de facto incomplete  in any case.

Isn’t it concerning time advanced radio created it into cell phones? Access to astounding stations while not the unimportant or the system association would open up associate universe of music, game, and talk. Spot chips ar coming back to cell phones and we’d need to visualize one within the Universe S6.

Continually standardization in

The Moto X was a mixed sack, however its unquestionably cool to possess the capability to converse together with your phone and have it squint to life. Google keeps on improving currently and embrace additional utility. On the off likelihood that the Cosmic system S6 was frequently standardization in, we’d receive additional esteem reciprocally. Google currently has been upgraded to concentrate for summons from any screen, however on the S6 we’d like it to concentrate truly once the screen is off.

Voice distinguishment is enhancing fast. providing our cell phones ar getting down to be a part of with wearables, home gadgets and autos, the capability to issue voice charges presents to U.S.A. a step nearer to the fashionable good world we’ve all been imagery concerning.

Another UX

We effectively projected that Touchwiz is not any additional increasing the worth of stock mechanical man, but that does not mean it well-tried unable. A radical rethink of the stagnant uxor might wash away arbitrary text designs and pointless gimmicks to convey one thing new and trendy.

Samsung should have sacks of data on however we tend to join forces with our cell phones associated a careless investigate rife launchers uncovers an universe of potential outcomes. Be sturdy Samsung, supply U.S.A. one thing new and energizing! The length of it is not a sweet fueled, flashy, argon on unhealthy dream, we’ll strive it out.

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