Spotify app and solution to spotify app not responding.


Spotify is an online app which offers music streaming ,video services ,podcast service which are digital right managed content from a variety of record labels .This includes the likes of BB, Warner music group among others. Using this app music can be browsed by search a criterion which has a variety of option including playlist, genre or even the record label which own the song. Spotify was launched in the year 2008 during October by a Swedish startup .By September 2010 the app had about 10 million users. Spotify LTD acts as the company in charge of managing the app.It is based in London.

Spotify is usually available to a wide range of platforms, this includes OS X ,Windows and Linux there Is also the inclusion of mobile devices including Windows phone ,Blackberry, iPhone ,iPad and android. Spotify basically uses a freemium model which offers basic services to customers but there is also the option of upgrade to a premium subscription which requires, you pay a certain amount of money. This premium upgrade will generally include advertising free stream, mobile application among other features.

Spotify has very interesting features, this includes ,no ads ,no commitment-you can cancel any time you want, ability to play any song at any time on any device, amazing sound quality among a variety of very useful features.
At times Spotify app is faced by some not responding errors; the following are some of the step to troubleshoot the problem.

1. Spotify not loading
At time Spotify won’t load completely. Sometimes there is even no error message, the programme just refused to respond. The first thing you will have to do is un-install the app. you will go to the menu and click quit. Once the program has exited you can manually delete Spotify from any relevant device. Make sure you empty your trash and restart the system. Now go to the Spotify website and update the recent version. After this you should run the app without any challenges.

2. Error 101
This error generally means there is a conflict between your computers firewall and the Spotify app. This error mostly occurs when you first install the app. The quickest solution to this is to remove Spotify from the list of firewall accepted programs from relevant devices. After this restart you device and add manually Spotify to the list of approved apps. This should clear the error
3. Update Error
This error is mostly encountered when you want to update your Spotify. Spotify has been designed to update its software every weeks. When this happens, exit the program by clicking quit Spotify. You will need to un-install the program and the download the latest version.

4. Can’t search for Music
On very rare occasion search function can have errors, but there is a quick fix to this. Quit Spotify, wait for a few minutes and reload the program. You will now be in a position to search your music.

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