Swachh Bharat: A Dream that has the potential to be a Reality

We live in a country where the number of people who have access to a cell phone is much more than the number who has access to a toilet. It may come as a shock that more than 40% of our world’s population does not have access to something as basic as a ‘toilet’ even in this 21st high tech century. The lack of toilets paired with bad sanitation is the world’s biggest problem and sadly India is in the leading position in case of open defecation. People in Indian villages have been living without toilets for decades and have got used to looking out for hyenas, wild boars and even snakes. Unfortunately for little girls and women, it is not just the wilderness that they have to safeguard themselves from but men. It is a sanitation crisis that we are living in and toilets can help in improving the health of India and protect the rural women from sexual assaults.

Luckily 2014-15 have witnessed a change in the tide with Prime Minister Narendra Modi launching the “Clean India Mission” campaign, more popularly known as the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. Finally the critical sanitation issue have gained the much needed attention. The government have bestowed highest priority to building toilets in every rural household in the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM). Statistics show that construction of toilets has gone up to 7.1 lakh individual household toilets being built in the month of January under the Prime Minister’s project. Though the number is way short of the ‘1.2 crore toilets’ target but it is still promising. However to accomplish 100% no open defecation across the whole country the government needs to gain speed.

Contributing to the mission is a company from West Bengal: Sangam Prefab Concrete products Pvt. Ltd. This company has launched “SWACHH TOILET” to manufacture Toilets and Bio Toilets in answer to the urgent need of toilets in our country. The company believes that “Toilet” is a must for a healthy life and we couldn’t agree more. Hopefully it will keep up the good work and more and more people will follow. People from all spheres of life have joined the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ campaign but it is a long path down the aisle. SBM cannot be successful unless everyone gets involved and work on all the fronts.

Awareness about our surroundings, the persisting problems and situations is a primary requirement. Did you really know that November 19 is marked as the World Toilet Day? The day aims to come out with some solutions to the sanitation problem the world faces. It is high time we realize that it is also our responsibility to work towards a cleaner and sanitised India and going an extra mile for the purpose is worth it.

The question that remains is: Can we as individuals make a difference? The answer is quite simple if one thinks about it. If every individual in a country of 1.25 billion just do their ‘bit’, we might not be far behind in accomplishing a cleaner, healthier and a better India to live in. We have the capability to turn the dream into a reality for us and our generations to come and pave the way for a ‘Swachh Bharat’ [Clean India]. When we do have the power to boost the image of our country, shouldn’t we do it?

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