How to Sync Facebook Contacts In Android KitKat

First of all, let us get a bit acquainted to Android KitKat. What is Android 4.4 KiKat? It’s the latest version of Android succeeded by Android Lolipop. Representing a true refinement of Google’s mobile operating system, KitKat is designed to make Android a more familiar experience across devices. Google hopes that this update will help more users enjoy the very latest that Android has to offer, on whatever device they’re using. That said, KitKat is currently only available on all the devices supported by the Android Operating System.

Recently, the OS was streamlined even more with Google Play Services, a behind-the-scenes app that allows for background updates to add and improve functionality in devices running Android 2.2 Froyo and higher. With Android 4.4 KitKat, the operating system is even more integrated with Google Search and your Google account.

Now, let’s come to a common problem. Many people complain that their Facebook contacts are not being synchronized to the People App in their android devices. The People’s app might feel a bit bland right out of the box but thanks to its openness and APIs, it is possible for third party apps to plug into it. This makes it an aggregator — acting as a hub where the user can view all the latest updates of their friends and relatives. Sadly, due to a legal issue between Google and Android, the Facebook app does not sync your friends updates and profile pictures with the People’s app. Thankfully, quite a few third party apps are present in the Play Store that can solve this problem and in fact, provide other welcome features like syncing HD quality pictures of all your contacts and more. One of them is HaxSync and here’s how to use it.

  1. Head over to the Play Store to download HaxSync ($1.49). The app will not only sync your Facebook friend list with the People app but also sync their high-resolution photos, Birthdays, Facebook events and more.
  2. Start the app and login to Facebook with your credentials. If you already have the official Facebook client installed, you will be automatically logged in. Make sure to authorize Haxsync to access data from your Facebook account, otherwise the app will not work properly.
  3. You can now decide whether you want to sync the details of those contacts that are already present in the People app or all of them. You can also decide whether to sync Facebook events with your Calendar or not.
  4. For more configuration options, head over to Settings -> Accounts and Sync -> Haxsync -> Advanced Settings. Under the Contact Settings option, you can select whether you want to sync “Me” contact, overwrite photos stored in Google Contacts and use the Contact Manager to manually sync contacts and more. Under the Calendar Settings, you can select whether you only to want to sync the birthdays of your Facebook friends or other Facebook events as well. You can also set reminders for the events.

If, for some reason, you cannot purchase Haxsync or prefer not to spend on apps, check out Ubersync as well. The app is completely free to use but lacks the ability to sync your Facebook events with the device and other contact details like email IDs and phone numbers.

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