The Best 4 File Managers Apps For iPad And iPhone…


It should be principally appreciated that smart phones are well equipped with tools to help you in some management in your phones. I am talking phone_imgabout the file management. But without taking any name specifically the other fact is that some f them have this draw backs of not having such management in it. So you need not worry if your phone does not possess that facility. You have to simply install some applications manually in your iOS device to make it capable of that. Now you have to only find that which application is the best and worth installing on your iPad or iPhone. Here is the answer to above question.

Four Best File Management Applications…

After going through the details of application available we have come to conclusion that Document 5 by Readdle feature is supposed to be the best. You can easily connect it to the services of iPhone like Google Drive, Drop Box, Sugar sync box, office, Cloud Me and ky Drive. This is also proved to be the best for the PDF.

  1. DropBoxdropbox
    There is some exclusive importance of DROP BOX, as it is frequently and very often used by the phone users. You can also utilize it for PDF and some other files as well. Moreover you can share video and pictures with your friends and love ones simultaneously. The best advantage with this is that you see your files offline also if you add them to favourite.
  1. iFilesifiles
    This app contains the same feature what you have on iPad and iPhone. For example, text editor, audio recorder, document viewer, will drive and many other features. It is also supported by DROP BOX, Google Drive, Sky Drive, i Cloud, and also some other like built in browser. In addition it has also the appropriate feature for security which provides you extra easy way to share your documents, pictures and video with your friends and relatives.
  1. iStorage 2 HD
    This is the app which you must have in your device. iStorage is inclusive of the incredibility of having excellent features like built in Browser (Web), boot mark browser, photo editor, through which you can see  your documents on iTunes. It also supports the other services like Dropbox, Sky drive and PDF reader.
  1. File Manager Pro
    The last and final app in the list is file Manager Pro. This deserves the position to be the most important because it has all the features in it. So we may call it all in one, which can solve your entire problem. This app also supports the other services like Drop box, Google Drive, Sky Drive. Its drop resembling interface is turn able and manages your files. It also provides extra support to iCloud, and helps you to open emails attachments, PDF formats, and view document from other application. We may call it some outside supporter to provide you further help and easiness to manage your files on you iPhones.It also provides the extra help in view documents and other application. You can more smoothly share your folders and files, photographs, videos, and other important documents with your friends and relatives comfortably.

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