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It is needless to say that a key board of a smart phone plays very important role. If the Keyboard is not good, it is like jumping into the sea without a life guard. If we look at the security point , you should go for a useful Keyboard app because they are of nature key loggers. You should be rest assured about the text, password or emails that you type on your phone because mostly they are hacked by various ways . There are good number of keyboard apps, each one have its own features, followings and flaws. They are actually simplistic and also bleeding-edge keyboards. The list of their features is very long as compared to the keyboard of a smart phone. Here we are giving the details of few ones, from where you can choose as per your taste and lifestyle.


The Android has one of the popular keyboard app known as SWIFTKEY and now it is free of cost. You can check the features and decide about that if they fit your choice. But still there are so many keyboards available which can also be considered at the same time.


It is a feature-rich keyboard which allows you to type the text in 2 languages at a time. It also allows you to swipe out words or sentences which are not required. This is a very god advantage for the users in today’s time as it saves a lot of time of rewriting the text in additional language.

Now let’s talk about Google key board.

  • Google Keyboard

The Google’s key board is absolutely free, although years ago it was considered to be bit of slump to compete today. But it has the capability of supporting the gesture typing not only for the individual words but also for the entire sentences, it is a gift of the languages and also a modest choice of the themes. This was the first key board for featuring the full library of the Kit Kat emoji, about a year back.

  • Fleksy

This is key board of exude class due to its quite minimalist styling and also its themes which are done artfully. In case you want to go for a frozen key board theme, then you should get Fleksy. Remember one thing carefully, and do not make any mistake, Fleksy key board is not cheap and economical one . Although they offer a trial period of 30 days but still you will have to pay for many of its themes. There is one thing more, that after paying the cost of key board, most of its premium themes are paid that include the license themes such as Frozen and Hunger Games.

  • TouchPal

This keyboard is a lesser-organized we can say. But there are definitely few useful features which have helped the keyboard to come up fast and get about 10 millions installs. This has also the paid theme features, but you also have the choice and option to upload your background image and make it free of your own.

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