The best free Android games


If you are having an Android phone but no able to get good and interesting games,  then here we are going to suggest you some nice ones which will fulfil your requirement and choice. Below are the names of some games for your Android device

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This is a favourite racing game of today’s time. It provides you the over-the-top and high octane play with all fixing. You can work on the career mode, unlock and upgrade the current one or just take it online to have a competition with many live multiplayers.

Dumb Ways to Die

In Dumb Ways to Die, the players have to successfully go through gauntlet of the simple one mini-games as far as possible, although the players progressively getting to grow find further difficulty. However, you get altogether three failures before ending the game.

Dead Trigger 2

The game Dead Trigger 2 will bring rooting-tooting and the first person shooting, which is back to zombie apocalypse. Despite the realistic visuals, this game will always remain a tongue-in-cheek experience. Controls can be used for fast and natural auto-fire mechanical system which will help you to keep all the focus on the movement and aiming.


As you know it is a casual, light and puzzles game. In this game a player has to line up similar colour dots as soon as possible. Off course you get limited, minimum time and moves to gather these dots and matching them, you also get bonus for tracing the closed loops. But once you run away the gathered dots could be used up on the consumable power ups.

Dungeon Hunter 4

Dungeon Hunter 4 is an action RPG, which plays smoothly like a butter. The Players have to slash and hack the way via an extensive single player campaign, then you need to level up their abilities and eventually take fight into an online multiplayer which can be both competitively and co-operatively.

Plague Inc.

This game is rather a dark global simulation game of virus. Player has to gently guide some disease right from a modest type of cough to world-wide viral plague by budding in the new symptoms, means of resistance and transmission.


Spaceteam is absolutely a unique game for multiplayers. The player have to just gather somewhere along with their various phones and devices. They just have to connect each other either via Wi-Fi or blue tooth. Lot of fun and enjoyment you get when the players are your nears and dears.

You Don’t Know Jack

The name of this game is ‘You don’t know Jack’ which is an amazingly-written game along with a tradition of the bizarre wordplay. The system of this game that players have to compete against the FaceBook friends to earn the high scores in a themed episode. You would love to play this game for hours and would not like to withdraw as long as you have some important call.

All the games as suggested as above are either of very low cost or absolutely free, which varies as per the game you choose.


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