The best photography apps for Android

No one would ever say that camera which is provided in his smart phone is not good. We always want best things in our phones. But as we know that there is nothing like final word in this world. In this article we will discuss about other cameras which can give you better results of the photographs on your Android phone.


This is the own camera app of Google which is pre-loaded on tablets and Nexus phones, this app is fairly basic. It is having something extra which you may not have on your built in camera of the device. They are like this:

Panorama and lens Blur, Photo Sphere, so among these we should know why should Google Camera is worth laying your hands on.


You must be thinking about Google+ which isn’t a social network only. The photo app is bundled with lot of features to help you to click a lot of pictures. You have the facility of automatic backing up your videos or photos to Google’s cloud. Which you can make available on other Android phone as well, and you can view each day’s high lights, so that you do not have to scroll up and down to find your best one.


This is a photo sharing app which is original and filtered one. It is now owned  by FaceBook and is quite synonymous with the photography of smart phones. We should admire the Android version for its app which has made it easier to improve the quality of your photographs. As a matter of fact Instagram is quite synonymous with photography of mobiles


Like rest of the VSCO, the built-in app of camera is comparatively simple. Offering the basic controls like grid lines and flash toggles. You get filters to make the enhancement of your photos. There are assorted filters to that table, which you can buy through in-app.

  1. CAMERA 2

This app is somewhat different from others because it gives you live previews of the filters and also effects which are applied to your shots. Out of them some can be artistic and others may be nerdy. Simultaneously you can pinch brightness and contrast level which you can see in the preview as well.


Zoom FX is all about the fine control on the photographs which you can take with your phone. There are lots of settings and options inclusive of software stabilization, HDR, college mode and voice activated shooting mode.


Google’s Snapseed is most accessible editing photos app for an Android. There are lot of features for all, even if you are experienced or a new user. Its basic level allows you to scroll vertically and horizontally both.

  1. PIXLR

It is another powerful photo editor which includes the features such as colour splash, double exposure and allows adding artistic effects, text, borders as well as stickers to your favourites shots.

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